Increase operating a motor vehicle without valid driver license penalties and require police officers to take certain actions.

Amending Language

Amends 1949 PA 300 by amending sections 904 and 904a (MCL 257.904 and 257.904a), section 904 as amended by 2015 PA 11 and section 904a as amended by 1985 PA 53.



Introduced On

January 18, 2017

Primary Sponsor

Lucido, Peter J.

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Bill History
1/18/2017Houseintroduced by Representative Peter Lucido
1/18/2017Houseread a first time
1/18/2017Housereferred to Committee on Law and Justice
1/18/2017Housebill electronically reproduced 01/18/2017
1/24/2017Housebill electronically reproduced 01/18/2017
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House Fiscal Agency Analysis
Summary As Introduced (2/17/2017) This document analyzes: HB4042
02/21/17 - Sally Kim - United Hispanic Workers Detroit - Oppose - HB 4042 - Testimony
02/21/17 - Don Piedra and Sr. Magdaleno Diaz - United Hispanic Workers Detroit - Oppose - HB 4042 - Testimony
02/21/17 - James C. Walker - National Motorists Association - Oppose - HB 4042 - Testimony
02/21/17 - House-Law and Justice - Minutes
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