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Requires a 2/3 vote of both houses for passage of bills introduced during session held after November election in an even-numbered year.

Amending Language

A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the state constitution of 1963, by amending section 26 of article IV, to require a two-thirds vote on any bill introduced during a legislative session held after the November election in an even-numbered year.



Introduced On

February 26, 2019

Primary Sponsor

Yaroch, Jeff

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Bill History
2/26/2019Housereferred to Committee on Government Operations
2/26/2019Houseintroduced by Representative Jeff Yaroch
2/26/2019Houseread a first time
2/27/2019Housejoint resolution electronically reproduced 02/26/2019
2/27/2019Housejoint resolution electronically reproduced 08/26/2019
8/26/2019Housejoint resolution electronically reproduced 08/26/2019
8/29/2019Houseintroduced by Representative Jeff Yaroch
8/29/2019Houseread a first time
8/29/2019Housereferred to Committee on Government Operations
8/29/2019Housejoint resolution electronically reproduced 08/26/2019
House Introduced Joint Resolution
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