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Provides for third-party facilitator licenses.

Amending Language

Amends 1995 PA 279 by amending sections 8, 17, 20, and 22 (MCL 431.308, 431.317, 431.320, and 431.322), as amended by 2016 PA 271.


GAMING, Horse Racing

Introduced On

March 7, 2019

Primary Sponsor

Vaupel, Hank

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Bill History
3/7/2019Houseread a first time
3/7/2019Houseintroduced by Representative Hank Vaupel
3/7/2019Housereferred to Committee on Regulatory Reform
3/12/2019Housebill electronically reproduced 03/07/2019
3/19/2019Housereferred to Committee on Ways and Means
3/19/2019Housereported with recommendation for referral to Committee on Ways and Means
10/29/2019Housereported with recommendation without amendment
10/29/2019Housereferred to second reading
10/30/2019Houseread a second time
10/30/2019Houseplaced on third reading
10/30/2019Houseplaced on immediate passage
10/30/2019Houseread a third time
10/30/2019Housepassed; given immediate effect Roll Call # 292 Yeas 67 Nays 41 Excused 0 Not Voting 2
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As Passed by the House
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House Fiscal Agency Analysis
Summary As Introduced (3/12/2019) This document analyzes: HB4310
House Fiscal Agency Analysis
Analysis as Referred to Second Committee (5/1/2019) This document analyzes: HB4310
House Fiscal Agency Analysis
Analysis as Reported From Committee (10/30/2019) This document analyzes: HB4310
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03-19-2019 - House Reg Reform - Minutes.pdf
05-02-2019 - House Ways & Means - Minutes.pdf
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05-02-2019 - HB 4307-4311 - MI Dept of Treasury - House Ways & Means.pdf
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