Implements and earmarks use of vehicle-miles-traveled tax system. TIE BAR WITH HB 4782

Amending Language

A bill to levy a tax for the use of public roads and highways of this state by certain commercial motor carriers who operate certain commercial vehicles within this state; to provide for certain mechanisms for administering, paying, collecting and enforcing the tax; to require the keeping and providing of certain records and for the examination of certain records, reports, and returns; to impose certain duties upon and confer certain powers on certain state departments and agencies; to promulgate certain rules; and to prescribe penalties for the violation of this act.



Introduced On

June 26, 2019

Primary Sponsor

Greig, Christine

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Bill History
6/26/2019Houseintroduced by Representative Christine Greig
6/26/2019Houseread a first time
6/26/2019Housereferred to Committee on Transportation
7/2/2019Housebill electronically reproduced 06/26/2019
7/2/2019Housebill electronically reproduced 07/02/2019
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