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Requires disclosure of environmental violations for public contracts for asbestos abatement projects.

Amending Language

Prohibits certain public entities from entering into certain contracts with certain entities that remove or abate asbestos; to require certain entities to disclose certain information when bidding on certain contracts with public entities; and to impose certain duties and responsibilities on certain public entities.



Introduced On

October 8, 2019

Primary Sponsor

Sowerby, William

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Bill History
10/8/2019Houseintroduced by Representative William Sowerby
10/8/2019Houseread a first time
10/8/2019Housereferred to Committee on Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation
10/10/2019Housebill electronically reproduced 10/10/2019
11/5/2019Housereferred to Committee on Ways and Means
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House Fiscal Agency Analysis
Revised Summary As Introduced (10/29/2019) This document analyzes: HB5046, HB5047, HB5048, HB5049, HB5050, HB5051
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11-05-2019 - House Nat Resources - Minutes.pdf
10-29-2019 - HB 5046-5051 - Byrd & Smrz - House Nat Resources.pdf
10-29-2019 - HB 5049, 5051 - Rep Sowerby - House Nat Resources.pdf
10-29-2019 - HB 5049, 5051 - Rep Sowerby 2 - House Nat Resources.pdf
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