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Provides for exemptions for certain residential rehabilitation projects.

Amending Language

A bill to provide for the establishment of attainable housing districts in certain local governmental units; to provide for the exemption from certain taxes; to levy and collect a specific tax upon the owners of certain qualified facilities; to provide for the disposition of the tax; to provide for the obtaining and transferring of an exemption certificate and to prescribe the contents of those certificates; to prescribe the powers and duties of certain state and local governmental officials; and to provide penalties.



Introduced On

April 15, 2021

Primary Sponsor

Sabo, Terry J.

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Bill History
4/15/2021Houseintroduced by Representative Terry Sabo
4/15/2021Houseread a first time
4/15/2021Housereferred to Committee on Local Government and Municipal Finance
4/20/2021Housebill electronically reproduced 04/15/2021
4/20/2021Housebill electronically reproduced 04/20/2021
House Introduced Bill
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06-02-2021 - Stacie Bytwork - HB 4646-4647, 4649-4650, 4827 - House Local Government.pdf
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