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This bill prohibits an employer from taking an adverse employment action against an employee for use of, or advocating for, personal protective equipment. This bill provides remedies for employees aggrieved by a violation of the act. The bill states that the rights under this act cannot be waived.

Amending Language

Prohibits an employer from taking certain actions against employees for certain activities related to personal protective equipment; to prohibit discrimination and retaliation for engaging in certain activities; and to provide remedies.


LABOR, Fair Employment Practices, NEW

Introduced On

June 1, 2021

Primary Sponsor

Rabhi, Yousef

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Bill History
6/1/2021Houseintroduced by Representative Yousef Rabhi
6/1/2021Houseread a first time
6/1/2021Housereferred to Committee on Government Operations
6/2/2021Housebill electronically reproduced 06/02/2021
6/2/2021Housebill electronically reproduced 06/01/2021
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