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Senate - Natural Resources Committee Meeting

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Wednesday, September 2, 2020 08:30 am 403 CB



HB 4313, NATURAL RESOURCES, Hunting, Creates pheasant stamp program. (Howell, Gary (R), 03/12/19)

HB 4332, NATURAL RESOURCES, Hunting, Allows use of pneumatic airbows in certain hunting seasons. (LaFave, Beau (R), 03/12/19)

HB 4735, NATURAL RESOURCES, Wildlife, Penalizes use of certain data requested under the freedom of information act to take game. TIE BAR WITH HB 4736 (VanSingel, Scott (R), 06/19/19)

HB 4736, CIVIL RIGHTS, Public Records, Provides for alternative response to requests for certain public records involving the location of game. TIE BAR WITH HB 4735 (Cherry, John D. (D), 06/19/19)

HB 4737, CRIMINAL PROCEDURE, Sentencing Guidelines, Updates sentencing guidelines reference. TIE BAR WITH HB 4735 (Love, Leslie (D), 06/19/19)