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Hertel, Elizabeth (E)

Health and Human Services
Phone: (517) 335-0267


Director Hertel was appointed to serve by Gov. Gretchen WHITMER effective January 21, 2021.  She replaced Robert GORDON.  


Director Hertel joined the Department of Community Health (MDCH) in 2013 as the senior assistant for Policy and Planning, and in February 2014 was appointed director of Policy and Planning.  Following the merger of the Departments of Community Health and Human Services into MDHHS in 2015, Hertel served as senior deputy director for Policy, Planning and Legislative Services.  In October 2016, she left that position to serve as director of Michigan Advocacy for Trinity Health and returned to MDHHS as Chief Deputy Director for Administration in February 2019.   


She earned a bachelor's degree at Grand Valley State University and an MBA at Michigan State University.  


She is married to Sen. Curtis HERTEL Jr.  The couple reside in East Lansing and have four children; C.J., Nathan, Hailey and Jack.

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