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Winters, Janine M. (O)

Civil Service Commission
Phone: (517) 373-3020


Jan Winters became the Director of the Office of the State Employer in April 2015. Vested with the administrative powers of the Civil Service Commission, the State Personnel Director is responsible for implementing the policy and program directives of that body. Winters previously served in this role under Repulican Gov. John Engler and was deputy director of the Civil Service Commission under Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm.


Winters worked eight years for the Michigan State Employees Association as a compensation specialist. She joined state government as a labor relations official with the Michigan Department of Corrections before joining the Office of State Employer.

She served as state employer under Republican Gov. John Engler from 1995 to 2002. During Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm's administration, she served as deputy director of the Michigan Civil Service Commission before Gov. Rick Snyder appointed her state employer again in 2011. She served there until being tapped by the Civil Service Commission to become personnel director.

She also previously served on the State Police and State Employees Retirement Boards and the Equal Opportunity Workforce Planning Council.


Winters has a Bachelor's Degree from Michigan State University, 1974. She also completed The Executive Program at the JFK School of Government at Harvard University.

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