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  • Election Guide & Almanac

Welcome to the online version of the 2018 MIRS Election Guide & Almanac

This portal is the completely mobile ready version of Michigan's most comprehensive guide to candidates running for state office. To access this site, enter your 2018 MIRS Election Guide & Almanac Code below: To order your edition of the printed and online edition of the Election Guide & Almanac, call MIRS at 517-482-2125.

The code is case sensitive, so enter it exactly as it is printed.

To obtain a code by purchasing the 2016 MIRS Election Guide & Almanac and access to the web version, click here. We'll e-mail you the code you need to access the online portal.

The guide includes:

  • Candidate profiles
  • Candidate photos
  • Candidate web links and social media links
  • Candidate press releases (coming soon)
  • District profiles with maps, past voting performance and history, geographic descriptions and demographic profiles