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Whitmer, Gretchen (D)

Office: 111 S. Capitol Avenue, Lansing MI 48909
Term: First

BB - Binsfeld Building,  BT - Boji Tower,  CB - Capitol Building,  HOB - House Office Building 


Gov. Whitmer served two terms in the Michigan Senate, the last of which she served as Democratic Leader. 

In addition, she served in the Michigan House of Representatives.


After departing the Senate due to term limits, Whitmer stepped in as interim Ingham County Prosecutor following the resignation and conviction of then prosecutor Stuart Dunnings.

While in the post, she launched a new Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Unit to go after abusers. 

She has also taught at both the University of Michigan and Michigan State University.


Gov. Whitmer is a graduate of Michigan State University and the Michigan State University College of Law. 


She has two daughters, Sherry and Sydney, and her husband, Marc MALLORY has three sons, Alex, Mason and Winston. 


JoAnne Huls

Additional Information

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Repercussions For Talking To Lawmakers Fails To Make Ballot; Olson Urged To Quit (10-06-2021)

Repercussions For Talking To Lawmakers Fails To Make Ballot; Olson Urged To Quit (10-06-2021)

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MEDC Swaps Out Pure MI Contractor For New Firm; Ford Gets Boosted Tax Break (09-28-2021)

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Dixon Lays Out Economic Agenda; MDP Sounds Alarm On 'No Exceptions' (09-28-2021)

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Bottled Water Headed To Benton Harbor As State Checks On Home Water Filters (09-22-2021)

Michigan's Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Surpasses 1M (09-22-2021)

Whitmer Address Hints At Undercutting 'Thee Not Me' (09-22-2021)

Electric Vehicle Route Planned Along Lake Michigan Shoreline (09-22-2021)

SOS: GOP Cannot Use Party Fund To Back Petition Drive (09-22-2021)

COVID Order Restrictions Woven Into Budget (09-21-2021)

MI GOP, Weiser Sue To Keep Gov From Keeping 'Illegal Excessive Contributions' (09-21-2021)

Governor Announces 'MI New Economy' On Grand Hotel Porch (09-21-2021)

Craig Up On Whitmer 50.4%-44.4% In Trafalgar Group Poll; Criticized On Abortion (09-21-2021)

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Craig Camp Has Their Guy Leading Big In GOP Primary (09-20-2021)

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Few Know What's In The Budget . . . That's The Point (09-17-2021)

No One Has A Plan To Spend All $10B Of Unallocated COVID Fed Funds (09-17-2021)

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Drunk Driving Slips To .10 BAL For 51 Days Without Fix-It Bill (09-10-2021)

Gas Can, Emergency Notification Bills Vetoed (09-10-2021)

What Chamber, Whitmer Says On Vax Rules As Daily Average Hits 3,047 (09-10-2021)

Auto Wreck Providers Claim Insurers Aren't Paying Up (09-10-2021)

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Emergency Stockpile Bill Gets Senate Hearing After Being Left Behind In 2020 (09-09-2021)

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After 3 Years Of High Lead In Benton Harbor, Gov Proposes Replacing All Pipes (09-08-2021)

Masked, Vaccinated Kids Can Stay In School If Exposed To COVID-19 (09-08-2021)

MASB to School Boards: Don't Argue Masks (09-08-2021)

1931 Michigan Law Makes Administering Abortion Manslaughter Unless To Save A Life (09-08-2021)

State Recommended Flat Rock Residents Evacuate Due To Gas Leak (09-07-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (09-07-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (09-07-2021)

House Candidate At Jan. 6 Riot Doesn't Want To Talk About It (09-07-2021)

House Candidate At Jan. 6 Riot Doesn't Want To Talk About It (09-07-2021)

Induced Abortions In Michigan Rise 8.5% In 2020 (09-07-2021)

DNR Head: Revoking Enbridge's Easement Best Card State Had To Play On Line 5 (09-03-2021)

Parents Challenge County Health Directors' Authority To Mandate Masks (09-03-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (09-03-2021)

How One Bad Audit Of GR Vets Home Led To New One Right Next Door (09-02-2021)

Judge Says Defense In Kidnap Plot Can't Have FBI Agents' Cell Phones (09-02-2021)

Gov: Voting ID Requirement Initiative 'Attack On Voting Rights' (09-02-2021)

Santana Calls For Reentry Help For The Wrongfully Convicted (09-02-2021)

Court Lets Abortion Ban Stand; MI Could Return To 1931 Law If Roe Overturned (09-01-2021)

Senate Republicans OK' Legislation Limiting What Emergency Alerts Can Be Used For (09-01-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-31-2021)

Gov and AG Greenlight Ann Arbor Ranked Voting Issue (08-30-2021)

Voter ID Requirement Ballot Proposal Is Official (08-30-2021)

Threats To Kill UIA Workers Lands Man Behind Bars (08-30-2021)

Pugh: I Was Told To Get Security For Pro-School Mask Event (08-27-2021)

Gov: More Than Half Of Public School Kids Now Required To Mask Up (08-27-2021)

Judge: No Early Witness List In Kidnap Plot, No Change Of Venue (08-27-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-27-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-27-2021)

Wentworth Believes UIA Director Needs To Go; More News (08-26-2021)

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Sanctions For Election Challengers 'Rare' In Federal Court, Experts Agree (08-26-2021)

Whitmer Kidnapping Conspirator Gets 75 Months (08-25-2021)

MDOT Closes On $800M Bond For Roads With 'Remarkable '2.35% Interest Rate (08-25-2021)

Utilities To Directly Credit Outage Victims; MPSC Steps Up Scrutiny (08-25-2021)

Nursing Homes Getting Booster Shots First As COVID Numbers Creep Up (08-25-2021)

Gov-Signed Bill Could Open Expungement Door To 200K First-Time OWI Offenders (08-24-2021)

Chamber Gig Still On (08-24-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-24-2021)

Clarkston Man Charged With Making Threat To Gov (08-23-2021)

Former Civil Rights Agency Leader Proposed As Detroit Police Chief (08-23-2021)

Canadian Immigrant Named $2M Winner Of Vax Sweepstakes (08-23-2021)

Whitmer's Civil Service Appointee Pushes For Changes At First Meeting (08-23-2021)

Whitmer 45%, Craig 44% In Recent EPIC-MRA Poll (08-23-2021)

Gov To Avoid Mask Mandates; Public Health Officials Fear They'll Be Fired (08-23-2021)

Gov Wants $2.1B In Fed COVID Money For Job Training, Economic Development (08-23-2021)

Can The Gov Stay Agnostic On Masks In School? (08-23-2021)

Craig: 'No Secrets' In Closed-Off Roundtable With Law Enforcement (08-23-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-23-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-23-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-23-2021)

Corbin Officially Appointed LEO Director (08-20-2021)

Confirmed COVID-19 Cases Increase For Sixth Week In Row; Shirkey Points To Israel (08-20-2021)

Massaron Leaving For Wayne State University (08-20-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-20-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-20-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-20-2021)

Whitmer Doesn't Want Customers To Pay When Power Was Out (08-20-2021)

Whitmer Restarts 'Sixty By 30 Talent' Drive In U.P. (08-19-2021)

Whitmer Restarts 'Sixty By 30 Talent' Drive In U.P. (08-19-2021)

Oversight Wants UIA Director To Talk On Benefits Mix-Up (08-19-2021)

Mediation Delayed In Enbridge Suit (08-19-2021)

Oakland County Dem Voice Announces For House, Other '22 House Candidates (08-19-2021)

State Board Member: Governor Should Issue School Mask Mandate (08-18-2021)

Who Is Overstepping Its Bounds -- Governor Or Legislature? (08-18-2021)

State Reaches PIP Settlement For Car Accident Victims (08-16-2021)

Gov. Proposes $75M For Public Safety: Fewer Guns, More Officers, 'Holistic Resources' (08-16-2021)

FAA Does Not Fine Detroit Aviation Company That Flew Gov To Florida (08-16-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-16-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-13-2021)

Orion Twp. Treasurer Seeks To Help Community From A High Level (08-13-2021)

Gov: Climate Change A Contributor To Summer Storms (08-12-2021)

Fowler Withdraws Name From MHEF CEO Candidacy (08-12-2021)

State Employees Told To 'Mask Up' In The Workplace; Schools Still Making Own Decision (08-12-2021)

Hillegonds Successor At Endowment Fund May Be Picked Soon (08-11-2021)

Detroit Man Who Made Threats To Gov, AG, Enters Plea (08-11-2021)

Whitmer Gets 'Jennifer' Treatment Again, This Time From Biden (08-11-2021)

DTE Taking Heat For Power Outages In Farmington-Novi Area (08-11-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-11-2021)

No Budget Agreements Until After Labor Day (08-10-2021)

Protect The Vote Rally Calls Republican Election Reform 'Insurrection Bills' (08-10-2021)

DeVos Says She Won't Run For Governor (08-10-2021)

Mitchell: Biden Unpopularity Could Cost Whitmer Reelection (08-09-2021)

Pollster Who Had Gov & Craig Tied: Anti-Whitmer Sentiment Could Be Factor (08-09-2021)

Vail: Gov't Mandates Not The Way To Go For COVID Right Now (08-09-2021)

Has 'Victory 2022' Replaced 'Best Data & Science'? (08-09-2021)

Ann Arbor House Candidate Worked For Slotkin, Benson, Stupak (08-06-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-06-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-06-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-05-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-05-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-04-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-04-2021)

Public Safety Takes Center Stage In Flint, Pontiac (08-04-2021)

Whitmer: Women Accusing Cuomo Deserve Respect (08-04-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-04-2021)

Whitmer Drops Legal Fee Cap On Criminal Defendants (08-03-2021)

Doc Sees Potential For Disaster As Delta Variant Spreads (08-02-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (08-02-2021)

Craig Was 'Complicit With Tyranny,' Candidate Kelley Says (08-02-2021)

PPP Poll: 51% Not Likely To Vote For Craig (08-02-2021)

Who Wins, Loses With Detroit's Proposal P? (08-02-2021)

MSP Pulls Back Vaccine Requirement For Applications (07-30-2021)

Gubernatorial Appointments (07-30-2021)

Berman Considering AG Run (07-29-2021)

Gov: Vax Mandate For State Workers 'Not Something That We Are Considering' (07-29-2021)

Gov. Extends Driver's License, Registration Validation From 2020 Expirations (07-29-2021)

Supremes: Detroit Charter Revision Can Go To Voters (07-29-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (07-29-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (07-29-2021)

White House Supports Gordie Howe Bridge (07-29-2021)

Former U.S. Sen. Levin Dies At Age 87 (07-29-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (07-29-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (07-29-2021)

Poll Has Craig Within Margin Of Error Of Whitmer; Gov Leads 47%-45% (07-28-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (07-28-2021)

Gov On Excess Campaign Cash: I'm For Reform, 'But I Am Going To Run Hard' (07-27-2021)

MI Rising Action Files Campaign Complaint On Whitmer's Flight Expenditure (07-27-2021)

'11 Sex Offender Registry Requirements Can't Apply Retroactively (07-27-2021)

3-D Printed Home May Be Part Of $100M Gov Wants For Affordable Housing (07-27-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (07-27-2021)

Gov Wearing Mask Indoors Again, Not Anticipating Another Emergency Order (07-27-2021)

Gov Signs Supplemental That Includes Refill On Wrongful Conviction Fund (07-26-2021)

Whitmer Holds A Winning Hand For '22 -- True Or Untrue? (07-26-2021)

Craig Supported By 'Multiple Former Governors;' Rinke Could Sink $10M Into Race (07-26-2021)

Nessel Joins Gov, Benson In Ramping Up Fundraising Numbers (07-26-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (07-26-2021)

Nearly 60% Of August Local Proposals Want New Or More Tax Money (07-23-2021)

EGLE Orders Enbridge To Remove 15,000-Pound Anchor (07-23-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (07-23-2021)

DOJ Will Not Investigate MI's COVID-19 Nursing Homes Situation (07-22-2021)

Gov Reappoints SBE's McMillin To Indigent D Panel; Other Appointments (07-22-2021)

Gov IDs Juvenile Justice Reform Team (07-22-2021)

Rowe, Greenwalt Appointed To Judgeships (07-22-2021)

Video Shows Alleged Kidnap Conspirator Training (07-22-2021)

Craig Announces Exploratory Committee For Governor (07-21-2021)

Green: Caro Project Overcomes Roadblocks (07-21-2021)

Villages Could Have Term Limits Under Bill Passed By House (07-21-2021)

House OKs Unlock MI Proposal, Puts Final Nail In Emergency Powers Law (07-21-2021)

Bid To End $300 Federal UI Kicker Vetoed Amid Stalled Negotiations (07-20-2021)

House Set To Vote On Unlock Michigan Petitions (07-20-2021)

Gov Says She's Sitting On $10M Cash; Benson Raised $600K Since 2021 Began (07-20-2021)

'Forensic Audit' Movement Un-Halted; Novi Sees Hundreds In Stolen Election Rally (07-20-2021)

Michigan Works! Requirement For Unemployed Signed Into Law (07-19-2021)

Benson Cites Data In Tackling Branch Backlog, But Doesn't Produce Numbers (07-19-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (07-19-2021)

No Cities Or Schools Under State Financial Supervision As Of Today (07-19-2021)

Craig Recycles Stump Speech For Kent GOP Youth; Refers To Gov As 'Queen Gretchen' (07-19-2021)

Shirkey: No On Vax Lottery; New COVID Cases Up 34% (07-16-2021)

DePerno Announces For Attorney General (07-15-2021)

$1.6B In Bridge, Road, Rail Money Chugs Thru Senate Without Gov's Signoff (07-15-2021)

Critics: Gov Was Right To Veto $155M Reading Grant 'Voucher' Program (07-15-2021)

$25M For Brain Injury Clinics Signed Into Law 'Mirage Of A Fix,' Providers Say (07-15-2021)

Senate Republicans Give Unlock Michigan Greenlight (07-15-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (07-15-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (07-15-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (07-15-2021)

Biden Money Being Used For Proposed State Park In Flint (07-14-2021)

Whitmer's Veto Of Tax Break Draws Angry Response From Lawmakers (07-14-2021)

Whitmer's Veto Of Tax Break Draws Angry Response From Lawmakers (07-14-2021)

Shots In Arms Not Going Up As Vax Sweepstakes Nears Halfway Point (07-14-2021)

Gov: UIA 'Paperwork Issue' Won't Mean Everyone Must Repay Benefits (07-14-2021)

Former Saginaw Dem Reps Williams & Guerra Named To SVSU Board (07-14-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (07-14-2021)

New Unlock Michigan Petition Off And Running With New Language (07-13-2021)

Original Unlock Michigan Petition Heading To Legislature (07-13-2021)

Marijuana Offshoots To Be Regulated Like Pot Under New Law (07-13-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (07-13-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (07-13-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (07-13-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (07-13-2021)

Gov Signs Historic K-12 Budget, Per-Pupil Funding Gap Eliminated (07-13-2021)

Whitmer 83%, Craig 14% Among Detroit Primary Voters (07-12-2021)

Fair & Equal Spent $2.5M For Sigs On Petition State Says Isn't Sufficient (07-12-2021)

Veep In Detroit: It's 'Time To Roll Up Your Sleeves' For COVID Shots (07-12-2021)

Fairness Hearing On Flint Water Settlement Begins (07-12-2021)

Hall, Fink Emerging As Top GOP Leadership Candidates (07-12-2021)

Are Trump's Characterizations Political Death Rays To Republicans? (07-12-2021)

The Biden Traverse City Visit: Why That Cherry Farm? (07-09-2021)

Czuba: Be Careful About Coronations (07-09-2021)

Attention MIRS Subscribers (07-09-2021)

Supremes Again Order Canvassers To Approve Unlock MI Petition (07-09-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (07-09-2021)

Whitmer Filled Out Witness Impact Statement For Kidnap Plot (07-09-2021)

Gov Seeks Aid For Huron, Ionia & Washtenaw Counties; Farmers Statewide (07-08-2021)

Poll Finds Views ‘Cemented’ On Election Despite Report (07-08-2021)

Fenton Teacher Joins Trump's Suit Against Facebook, Google, Twitter (07-08-2021)

Vail, 'Public Health Over Politicians' Group Latest Opposition To Unlock MI (07-08-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (07-08-2021)

Progress Michigan: County-Level GOP Hanging Onto 'Big Lie' (07-07-2021)

High Court Considers Detroit Charter Revision Plan's Fate (07-07-2021)

Two Years After Ousting Leader, MSHDA Trying Again On Permanent Replacement (07-07-2021)

Gov Signs $4.4B School Supplemental, K-12 Budget Could Be Signed Next Week (07-07-2021)

Auditor General Agrees To Review COVID-19 Nursing Home Deaths (07-07-2021)

Gov Returns Calley's Former Staffer To Women's Commission; Other Appointments (07-07-2021)

Cherries, Pies, Ice Cream -- Oh, And Infrastructure -- Major Themes Of Biden Visit (07-06-2021)

Gov: $150M In COVID Money Should Go To Local Parks (07-06-2021)

Six Months After Insurrection, Dems Renew Call For Investigation (07-06-2021)

First Vax Sweepstakes Winners To Be Announced July 12 (07-06-2021)

Craig Gives 1st Political Speech, High Enthusiasm But No Campaign Launch (07-06-2021)

Byrum: 'On-The-Ground Battle' Brewing Against GOP's Election Petition Drive (07-02-2021)

MRP Chair Pays State $200K To Make Grot Payoff Go Away (07-02-2021)

No More COVID Testing For Ag, Food Processing Workers; Other News (07-02-2021)

Gov Declines To Let School District Charter Strict Discipline Academy (07-01-2021)

Vax Sweepstakes Features $2M Grand Prize; Month Of $50K Drawings, Scholarships (07-01-2021)

New Law Lets Motown Transit Police Clear Tracks For Q-Line (07-01-2021)

Government Workers Are Getting Their Shots (07-01-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (07-01-2021)

Craig Set To Give First Political Speech In Jackson (07-01-2021)

Cherry Commissioners Plucked By Senate Reappointed By Gov (06-30-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (06-30-2021)

Senate Eliminating Per-Pupil Gap In Its Budget Tomorrow (06-29-2021)

Bill Would Ban Scalping Secretary Of State Appointments (06-29-2021)

Gov To DIFS: Make Speaker's $10M Fund For Brain Injury Clinics 'Workable' (06-29-2021)

LaBrant Takes On Funding Source For MI GOP's Threatened Election Initiative (06-29-2021)

Tribes Want Feds To Take Another Look at Muskegon Casino Approval (06-29-2021)

Canada Wants Line 5 Litigation On Hold Pending Discussions On 1977 Treaty (06-28-2021)

Duggan: 2 Months Of Rain Fell On Detroit In 1 Day; Gov Seeking Fed Flood Help (06-28-2021)

FY '22 Budget Dynamics A Different Type Of Different (06-28-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (06-28-2021)

Dems Claim GOP Candidate In New Insurrection Video; He Says It's Not Him (06-28-2021)

House Budget Eliminates Per-Pupil Funding Gap (06-25-2021)

The Gov's Recent Roadshow Hasn't Been As Prolific As You Think (06-25-2021)

Justice Department Sues Georgia Over Election Laws; Could It Happen Here? (06-25-2021)

Gov Axes PPE Tax Refund Bills Because They Don't Qualify For Fed Dollars (06-25-2021)

Masks Still Recommended For Unvaccinated Kids In Schools (06-25-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (06-25-2021)

House Looks To Move Final FY '22 Budget Now (06-24-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (06-24-2021)

Dems Stop Effort To End Federal $300 Unemployment Top-Off Early (06-24-2021)

Gov Signs Bill Clearing Way For New Cancer Treatment Equipment (06-24-2021)

Budget In Limbo; Albert Tries To Stay Positive (06-23-2021)

Latest MIOSHA COVID Rules Focus On Health Care Settings (06-23-2021)

Whitmer Defends Upton In CNN Interview (06-23-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (06-23-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (06-23-2021)

Oakland County Offers $50 Gift Card For New Vaccinations; More COVID News (06-23-2021)

Ballot Committees Formed To Oppose GOP-Led Election Reform Efforts (06-23-2021)

Canvassers Cancel Unlock MI Vote After Supremes Asked To Reconsider (06-22-2021)

Lyons On SOS: 'At This Time, It's Not Something I'm Looking At' (06-21-2021)

Budget Held Up Over 'Equity' Payments To Schools; Deal This Week 'A Longshot' (06-21-2021)

July 1 Is Approaching And A Budget Deadline's A Deadline – Right? (06-21-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (06-21-2021)

Powell, Other Trump Attorneys Ordered To Appear Before Federal Judge (06-18-2021)

Obamacare Left Standing After SCOTUS Ruling (06-17-2021)

Gov Moves Full Reopening From COVID Restrictions To Next Tuesday (06-17-2021)

Gov Joins Call To Use Fed Money For Frontline Worker 'Hero Pay' (06-17-2021)

On This Day In Michigan History (06-17-2021)

Gov: Clock Is Ticking On July 1 Change To Auto Insurance Reform (06-17-2021)

House Votes To End Fed Unemployment Benefits (06-17-2021)

Housing Michigan's Legislative Agenda Has Pieces Approved By Senate (06-17-2021)

Two Michiganders Died Of COVID In Feb. '20 (06-16-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (06-16-2021)

COVID Labelled 'Ordinary Disease Of Life;' COVID Spending Bills Pass (06-15-2021)

Gov, House Working Together On Child Care Policy Reforms (06-15-2021)

Flint Man Charged With Bomb Threat During Expungement Fair (06-15-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (06-15-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (06-15-2021)

Possible Rinke Gubernatorial Run 'Very Serious' (06-14-2021)

Whitmer, Benson Seek Sanctions In Election Fraud Case (06-14-2021)

New Unlock MI Proposal Limits DHHS Epidemic Orders To 28 Days (06-14-2021)

Weekly COVID Case Avg Lowest In 15 Months; Gov Says Early Reopening 'Possible' (06-14-2021)

Gov Bans Publicly Funded LGBTQ Kid Conversion Therapy (06-14-2021)

Whitmer Announces Child Care Investment Six Times Greater Than Ever Before (06-14-2021)

Supremes Order Canvassers To Approve Unlock MI Signatures (06-11-2021)

Providers For Injured Auto Wreck Victims Shutting Down; Berman Drops Bill (06-11-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (06-11-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (06-11-2021)

Czuba: Trump Part of '22 Gov's Race (06-11-2021)

Chenge Buys Whitmer Plane Ticket To Florida (06-11-2021)

Budget Targets 'Close;' July 1 Deadline Extension Bill Is In; May Revenue Up $1B (06-10-2021)

Gov Wants To Sink $250M In COVID Dollars In State Parks (06-10-2021)

Gov Returns Blue Cross CEO To Mac Island Panel; Replaces Posthumus With Meijer (06-10-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (06-10-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (06-09-2021)

Speaker Looking Into 'Narrowly Tailored' Auto Insurance Adjustment (06-09-2021)

GOP-Lean Poll Has Gov Favorability At 41%; New Results (06-09-2021)

Senate Eyes $1.5B For Bridge Repairs; Property Tax Relief Passes (06-09-2021)

Miller A 'No' For L.G.; Hoekstra Won't Run For Governor (06-09-2021)

Juvenile Justice Next Under Gov's Task Force Microscope (06-09-2021)

Juvenile Justice Next Under Gov's Task Force Microscope (06-09-2021)

Juvenile Justice Next Under Gov's Task Force Microscope (06-09-2021)

Craig Forming Team As Others Look At Running For Governor (06-08-2021)

Gov: Fully Fund State's Pre-K Program Today, Universal Pre-K Tomorrow (06-08-2021)

State GOP Calls For Secretary Of State Review Of Whitmer Flight (06-07-2021)

GOP Govs Launch Digital Ads Accusing Whitmer Of Hypocrisy (06-07-2021)

Majority MI Voters Believe Pandemic Is Controlled, 38.5% Still Plan On Mask-Wearing (06-07-2021)

Former GOP Sen. Donald Bishop Passes At 88, Capitol Flags Called To Half-Staff (06-04-2021)

Enbridge No Longer Predicting 2024 For Tunnel Completion (06-04-2021)

Yancey: No Negatives About Chief Craig for Governor (06-04-2021)

Auditor General Asked To Track Nursing Home COVID Deaths (06-03-2021)

Gov To Businesses: We'll Fill The Gap To Help You Pay $15-Per-Hour Wage (06-03-2021)

Appeals Court Keeps Detroit's Prop P Off Ballot (06-03-2021)

Gov Vetoes Bills Limiting COVID Order Impact On Graduations; FOIA (06-03-2021)

Resolution: Nessel, Authorities Should Forgive COVID-Era Fines (06-03-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (06-03-2021)

Nessel To Shirkey: Get Vaxed & Get Chance To Drop Me In Dunk Tank (06-02-2021)

Absent Governor Notification Bill Draws Comparison To Playa Haters' Ball (06-02-2021)

House Votes To Prohibit Vaccine Passports (06-02-2021)

Gov Creates State High-Speed Internet Office To Bridge Digital Divide (06-02-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (06-02-2021)

Implicit Bias Training Requirement For Health Workers Now Official (06-01-2021)

Supremes Want Appeals Court To Rule On Detroit Charter Case First (06-01-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (06-01-2021)

Whitmer Almost Utters We're Out of Covid Tunnel (06-01-2021)

Benson Busy Over Memorial Day Weekend (06-01-2021)

Gubernatorial Appointments (05-28-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (05-28-2021)

Gov Would 'Unilaterally' Halt 3rd Grade Reading Law If She Had '45 Powers (05-27-2021)

Gov Would 'Unilaterally' Halt 3rd Grade Reading Law If She Had '45 Powers (05-27-2021)

GOP Gov Candidates Talk Uniting Around Consensus Candidate (05-27-2021)

Appeals Court Affirms BSC's Approval Of Recall Petitions Against Gov, Lt. Gov (05-27-2021)

Whitmer Campaign Will Cover Florida, Inaugural Flights (05-27-2021)

Road Bonds Would Need Legislative OK Under Panel-Passed Bill (05-26-2021)

Corporate Income Tax Put On The Platter (05-26-2021)

Insider Opinions Of Leaders Fell Sharply; Who Will GOP Nominees Be In '22? (05-26-2021)

Insider Opinions Of Leaders Fell Sharply; Who Will GOP Nominees Be In '22? (05-26-2021)

Michigan Leading Great Lakes Region in COVID Deaths (05-26-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (05-26-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (05-26-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (05-26-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (05-26-2021)

Trump Loyalists Deliver Roe Removal Petitions To GOP Headquarters (05-25-2021)

Trump Loyalists Deliver Roe Removal Petitions To GOP Headquarters (05-25-2021)

UIA Head: People Aren't Staying On Unemployment That Long (05-25-2021)

Insiders: Voters Will Associate Whitmer With Lack Of Bipartisanship (05-25-2021)

Senate Oversight Moves Bill Notifying Legislature Of Gov's Absence (05-25-2021)

Behind The Scenes In Latest Deal With Governor, Lawmakers (05-25-2021)

Gov Bellies Up To Bar To Sign Bills Benefiting Canned Cocktail Industry (05-24-2021)

MIOSHA Relaxes Work Rules As In-Person Work Allowed To Broadly Resume (05-24-2021)

Whitmer Rejects Request To Review Detroit Election Proposal (05-24-2021)

Complaint Against Bar 'Resolved' After Gov Spotted Breaking COVID Rule There (05-24-2021)

Inside A Tense Quadrant Meeting, Circa 2014 (05-24-2021)

NY Times: COVID On The Run Nationwide (05-21-2021)

Money, Money, Money . . . Now Where To Spend it (05-21-2021)

Atty: MI Can't Determine If Some COVID-19 Deaths Originated At Nursing Homes (05-21-2021)

Conservative Commentator Announces For Governor (05-20-2021)

Gov Condenses Vacc To Normal Plan To 2 Steps; No Longer Tied To Vax Rates (05-20-2021)

Governor, Legislative Leaders Reach Agreement (05-20-2021)

Johnson Wants Answers To Whitmer Plane Flight (05-20-2021)

Gov Must Tell Lawmakers When Out Of State Under Bill (05-19-2021)

Gubernatorial Appointments (05-19-2021)

Advice To Governor: Slow Down (05-19-2021)

IRS Complaint Filed Over Whitmer's Florida Flight (05-19-2021)

Wolverine Watchmen Member Pleads Guilty To Weapons Charges (05-19-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (05-19-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (05-19-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (05-19-2021)

Biden: America Won't Lose Race On Electric Cars (05-18-2021)

Return Of Mackinac Bridge Walk Tentatively Still On . . . For Now (05-18-2021)

Louisiana Executive Named Next MEDC CEO; Says 'We're Going To Win' (05-18-2021)

GOP Senators Try Veto Override; More Senate News (05-18-2021)

GOP Senators Try Veto Override; More Senate News (05-18-2021)

Gov To Speed Up Vacc To Normal Plan (05-18-2021)

State Sticking With July 12 As Return To Office Date For State Workers (05-18-2021)

Report: Jet Used For Gov's Flight Wasn't Authorized For Charter Flights (05-17-2021)

State Poll: 70% Say They're Vaccinated Or In Process Of Doing So (05-17-2021)

Civil Rights Head Returns To Detroit Police, Replaces Craig On Interim Basis (05-17-2021)

GOP Executive Director: We Met With Craig; Whitmer 'Should Be Very Nervous' (05-17-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (05-17-2021)

P.R. Snafus & Marginal Polling: Is The Administration In A Slump, Or What? (05-17-2021)

Censure Resolutions Against GOP Officials Fizzling Out (05-14-2021)

Asst. AG Handling Whitmer Kidnap Case 'Reassigned' After 'Ethics' Concern (05-14-2021)

Mask Mandate Lifted In All Settings For Fully Vaccinated (05-14-2021)

GOP Leaders: Lifting Mask Is Great; Let's Lift Everything Else (05-14-2021)

Gov's $27K Flight Paid By Nonprofit; $855 Seat With 'Personal Money' (05-14-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (05-14-2021)

Canvassers Reject More Baase Recall Petitions (05-14-2021)

Whitmer 48%, Craig 42%; Gov Up 10 Points On John James (05-13-2021)

Whitmer Disconnects Second Broadband Expansion Bill (05-13-2021)

U of M Prof: Governor Eased Restrictions 6 Weeks Too Early (05-13-2021)

Enbridge Would 'Reassess' Tunnel Plans If Gov Closes Current Line 5 (05-12-2021)

Senate K-12 Budget Links State Aid To In-Person Learning (05-12-2021)

Whitmer Did Day Job While Checking In On Dad (05-12-2021)

Groups Sue Over Legislature's 2018 Reversal Of $12 Minimum Wage (05-11-2021)

State To Enbridge: We Get Line 5 Profits If 'Trespassing' On Straits Continues (05-11-2021)

Detroit Chamber Proposes $2K Bonuses; Other Return To Work Incentives (05-11-2021)

Shirkey Wants Studies Gov Used For 70% Vaccinated Goal; COVID Update (05-11-2021)

Shirkey Wants Studies Gov Used For 70% Vaccinated Goal; COVID Update (05-11-2021)

Gilchrist Keeps Answers On Craig Candidacy Short; Gov's Approval At 49%-49% (05-11-2021)

Gilchrist Keeps Answers On Craig Candidacy Short; Gov's Approval At 49%-49% (05-11-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (05-11-2021)

Line 5 Advocates, Opponents Do Battle Ahead State's May 12 Shut-Off Date (05-10-2021)

Blanchard: We've Lost Our Sense Of Shared Reality (05-10-2021)

Craig 'Not Ruling Out' Run For Office, Decision Will Come After June 1 (05-10-2021)

Hackel: Saturation Point For COVID Vaccine Recipients May Already Be Upon Us (05-10-2021)

Early GOP Excitement For Craig Amid Seeds Of Skepticism (05-10-2021)

Ananich Picks Up Aggregate Bill; Gets EGLE Involved (05-10-2021)

Inedible National Guard Food Reimbursement Signed (05-07-2021)

Shirkey Shows His Work On COVID Immunity Calculations (05-07-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (05-07-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (05-07-2021)

Winslow: GOP's Anti-Whitmer Coasters Prompt 'Heavy Eye Roll' (05-07-2021)

More 'Comprehensive' Tracker Shows MI At 54% Vaccinated (05-07-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (05-06-2021)

Mental Health Support; Teacher Shortage Highlights Senate Conversation (05-06-2021)

Statewide Vaccinations On A Four-Week Slide (05-06-2021)

Vaccination Passport Ban Pitched As Preemptive Legislation (05-06-2021)

GOP Steps Up Push On Whitmer Florida Trip Details (05-06-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (05-06-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (05-05-2021)

Zelenko Replaces Kennedy On SOCC, Other Appointments (05-05-2021)

Glenn: Ombudsman Could Have Avoided Flint Water Crisis (05-05-2021)

Ballot Box Security Highlights Testimony On Senate's Election Bills (05-05-2021)

Wentworth: I Don't Know Where We Go From Here; More News (05-04-2021)

Wisconsin Suspect In Whitmer Kidnap Plot Arraigned (05-04-2021)

Outdoor Mask Mandate Mostly Gone, Fully-Vaxxed Can Go Maskless At Gatherings (05-04-2021)

RGA Sends Bars Anti-Whitmer Coasters; More News (05-04-2021)

MI GOP's 'Pure Hypocrisy, Pure Whitmer' Ad Goes After Gov's Florida Trip (05-03-2021)

Albert Hopes To Avoid Future Cuts By Using Quarterly Budgeting (05-03-2021)

Shirkey Left Out Of Vacc To Normal Plan; Thinks State's Already At 70% Immunity (05-03-2021)

What Will Trump Be Up To In Michigan's Gov Race? (05-03-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (05-03-2021)

Where Do Governor, Legislative Leaders Go From Here? (05-03-2021)

April '21 Saw Second-Most COVID Cases Reported In Any Month (04-30-2021)

Unlock MI Seeks Supreme Order Forcing Canvassers To Certify Petitions (04-30-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (04-30-2021)

Gubernatorial Appointments (04-30-2021)

What Happens If Vaccinations Plateau Short Of 70%? (04-30-2021)

Gov: Tying Vaccinations To Lifted Restrictions 'Best Tool' For Normalcy (04-29-2021)

Gordon Talks About Gov Pushing Him Out The Door (04-29-2021)

Gaming Control Czar Appointee Gets Favorable Senate Hearing (04-29-2021)

Senate Spits Out Two Cherry Commission Appointments (04-29-2021)

MI Leading Nation In COVID Deaths Too (04-29-2021)

Filing Claims Shirkey Used Dark Money To Fund Unlock Michigan (04-29-2021)

Whitmer Gets Her Second; MSU Contributes to Shot Totals (04-29-2021)

Mandatory Covid Shots At Community Colleges? (04-28-2021)

Local County Clerk: 'No Offense Senators, But We Know Most About Elections' (04-28-2021)

Small Biz Tax Cut Moves Without Stopping Income Tax Trigger (04-28-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (04-28-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (04-28-2021)

MSF OKs $700M Flint Settlement Bond; To Be Repaid By State Over 30 Years (04-27-2021)

Lt. Gov: Trump Not to Blame If No Herd Immunity Here (04-27-2021)

UIA, Lawmakers Urged To Reinstate Work Search Requirement (04-27-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (04-27-2021)

NY Man Threatens Calhoun Dispatcher; Also Googles Whitmer, Gun Stores (04-26-2021)

JCAR Chairs Concerned As MIOSHA Seeks Permanent COVID-19 Work Standards (04-26-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (04-26-2021)

Florida's COO Welcomes Whitmer To Visit Florida Again (04-26-2021)

Gubernatorial Appointments (04-23-2021)

Jones, Passenger Found Pants Down; Police Video Show Physical Fight (04-23-2021)

BSC Party Line Vote Rejects Unlock MI's Sigs (04-22-2021)

Gordon Subpoenaed; Will Testify Next Week (04-22-2021)

Senate Inflates Per-Pupil; House Explores New Ideas With K-12 Budget (04-22-2021)

State-Owned Buildings To Run 100% On Renewable Energy By '25 (04-22-2021)

Moving Indigent Defense Impacts LARA, Judiciary Budgets (04-22-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (04-22-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (04-22-2021)

MI COVID Cases Wiggling Down; Deaths Moving Up (04-21-2021)

AG Will Not Charge Duggan, Unlock Michigan Members; Much More News (04-21-2021)

Private Foster Care Workers Get 12% Pay Hike In House DHHS Budget (04-21-2021)

'Bond Sinking Trust Fund' Put In MDOT Budget; U's See Flat Senate Budget (04-21-2021)

800 New Officers Highlight MDOC Budget In House, Senate (04-21-2021)

Task Force Making Sure Jails Are Reforming (04-21-2021)

SOS Fears Initiative Signed By The 4% Will Be Thrust On Remaining 96% (04-21-2021)

Senate Lets Air Out Of DNR, EGLE, MDOT, LEO Budgets (04-20-2021)

Albert Lays Out Stimulus Preferences; Gov Brings In Singh (04-20-2021)

Here's What The House Budgets Cut, Added For FY '22 (04-20-2021)

House Gives Oversight Panel Subpoena Authority (04-20-2021)

Minneapolis Jury Convicts Cop Of Killing George Floyd; Reaction Swift (04-20-2021)

Should Whitmer Have Told Subordinates To: 'Stay Close To Home'? (04-19-2021)

Whitmer Traveled Out Of State To Visit Father (04-19-2021)

Unlock MI Petition Could Be 10th Initiative Law Enacted By Legislature (04-19-2021)

Nessel Vents On COVID Order 'Blowback' (04-19-2021)

Governor, SML, Speaker Meet In Person For First Time In A Year (04-16-2021)

Oversight Votes To Give Itself Subpoena Authority (04-15-2021)

Benson: MI GOP Election Reforms More Restrictive Than Georgia Package (04-15-2021)

Bits And Tibits (04-15-2021)

Third COVID Surge Labeled A 'Runaway Train' (04-15-2021)

State Bidders To Be Asked More Probing Questions; Biz Groups Skeptical (04-15-2021)

Shirkey Renewing Mental Health Integration Talks (04-15-2021)

Gov OK With Top Health Official's 'Safe Travel' (04-14-2021)

Court Asked To Stop Counting Unlock Michigan's Sigs (04-14-2021)

'Wicked Coven' Unfolds On Capitol Steps (04-14-2021)

More Lab-Made Antibody-Cocktails Eyed To Assist In COVID Fight (04-14-2021)

DHHS Director Among Those Vacationing Out Of State Last Week (04-13-2021)

No J&J Vaccines For Now; Biden Team Softens On Whitmer (04-13-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (04-13-2021)

In-Person Office Rule Ban To Be Extended; But . . . (04-12-2021)

Mom Claims Mask Mandate Gave Her Kids Excessive Acne; Facial Yeast (04-12-2021)

COVID Cases Up 5X From This Time Last Year; Deaths Down Nearly 3X (04-12-2021)

Whitmer Skeptical On Whether R's Will Negotiate On Election Reforms (04-12-2021)

Small Biz, Infrastructure, Kids Mark Gov's Priorities For Federal COVID Money (04-12-2021)

White House Declines Gov's Vaccine Surge Idea; Docs Suggest Shut Downs (04-12-2021)

Gov. Recommends Two-Week Pause For In-Person Learning, Youth Sports, Avoid Indoor Dining (04-09-2021)

Don’t Know Much About Algebra II, But If I Could Still Graduate . . . (04-09-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (04-09-2021)

MRG Poll: 63% Support Limiting Gov's Emergency Powers (04-08-2021)

Civil Rights Of Prisoners Gaining Attention (04-08-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (04-08-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (04-08-2021)

Anti-Voter Legislation Is Sweeping The Nation, Dems Contend (04-07-2021)

Strategic National Survey Has 72.1% Supporting Voter ID Law (04-06-2021)

Progress Michigan Polls On Weiser, GOP/Dem Favorability, Whitmer (04-06-2021)

Owosso Barber Challenges $9,000 Fine (04-06-2021)

Whitmer Hints At Possible 'Further' Action On Youth Sports (04-06-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (04-06-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (04-06-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (04-06-2021)

Senator Pushes Media To Ask Gov For Her Data (04-05-2021)

MI Still Leads Nation With New COVID-19 Cases (04-05-2021)

Will Latest COVID-19 Peak Hurt Whitmer's Political Health? (04-05-2021)

Gov Concedes Compliance Issues Standing In Way Of Further Restrictions (04-02-2021)

Forensic Science Task Force Tapped; Filler Smells Politics (04-02-2021)

Dams Don't Last Forever, Task Force Member Tells Forum (04-02-2021)

Weiser Removed From Committees As Regents Call For His Resignation (04-02-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (04-02-2021)

New York Times: COVID In Michigan 'Most Alarming' (04-02-2021)

Is James Choosing Between A Run Against Slotkin Or Whitmer? (04-01-2021)

MDOT Director Revved Up Over Biden Roads Package (04-01-2021)

AFL-CIO, Emeritus Regents Want Weiser Gone (04-01-2021)

Whitmer Not Bringing Up New Restrictions As Case Numbers Climb (03-31-2021)

Whitmer Not Bringing Up New Restrictions As Case Numbers Climb (03-31-2021)

James Announces New Political Action Committee (03-31-2021)

Ingham In Midst Of COVID-19 Surge (03-31-2021)

State To Providers As Cases Climb: ‘Vaccinate Anyone Over 16 Now If You Can’ (03-30-2021)

Emails: DHHS Officials In Early Feb 'Unaware' Gov's Office Pursued Gordon Deal (03-30-2021)

Restaurant Poll Majority Want Reopening Metrics (03-30-2021)

Attorneys Want Lucido To Recuse Himself In Nursing Home Matter (03-29-2021)

Gubernatorial Appointments (03-29-2021)

Nessel Calls Political Charge 'Outrageous And Vastly Inaccurate' (03-29-2021)

Terrorism Charge Dropped For Watchmen Founders; To Stand Trial On Other Charges (03-29-2021)

McBroom: No Smoking Gun On Nursing Homes (03-26-2021)

Gov Says Nice Try On Legislature Sending Her Vetoed Spending Again (03-26-2021)

Analysis: More COVID Outbreaks Have Followed Easing Of COVID Restrictions (03-26-2021)

Weiser Roasted For 'Three Witches,' 'Burning At The Stake' Comments (03-26-2021)

Whitmer Fundraising Off Cycle's First Negative TV Ad (03-26-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (03-26-2021)

Gov. Taps Again Previously Rejected Appointees (03-25-2021)

Nondisclosure Agreements Would Be Banned Under Bills; House Unveils NDA Policy (03-25-2021)

Gov Vetoes Bill Limiting Epidemic Orders To 28 Days; Also Tied To COVID-19 Money (03-24-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (03-24-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (03-24-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (03-24-2021)

State Kicks Off Road Construction Season With 21 Highway Projects (03-23-2021)

Michigan's No. 1 Issue? MRG Finds 40% Say COVID 19 (03-23-2021)

Testimony: Not Enough Time For Gov's Propane Plan Before Line 5 Shutdown (03-23-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (03-23-2021)

Does Whitmer Need More Issues For 2022? (03-22-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (03-22-2021)

Tigers Allowed 8,200 Fans For Home Opener (03-19-2021)

Whitmer Done Talking About Gordon (03-19-2021)

No More Hunting For State MOUs In Foreign Countries Under Johnson Bill (03-19-2021)

Teenager Tells Callers He's Not Governor (03-19-2021)

Maddock Offers To Help Defiant Restaurant Owner Get Out Of Jail (03-19-2021)

Emails: DHHS Considered Mandating Masks For Kids 2 & Up (03-19-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (03-19-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (03-19-2021)

R's Consider Special Prosecutor To Explore COVID Deaths As Senate Denounces AG (03-18-2021)

Gov. 'Concerned' As COVID-19 Numbers Comfortably Back In 2,000+ Range (03-18-2021)

FOIA Timeframe Couldn't Be Expanded In Emergency Under Bill (03-18-2021)

Final Emails Shed Little Light On Gordon's Plans To Resign (03-18-2021)

Charges Stand Against Ex-Gov. Snyder (03-18-2021)

Detroit Mass Vaccination Clinic Teed-up (03-18-2021)

Gordon Provides Letter Instead Of Testimony After Nixing Confidentiality Clause (03-18-2021)

House Passes LORA Bills Without A Single Dissenting Vote (03-18-2021)

Senate Ds Won't Give Immediate Effect On 'Bills That Don't Solve Problems' (03-17-2021)

AG Charges Man With Terrorism for Death Threats Against Biden, Pelosi, Whitmer (03-16-2021)

Nessel: Lucido's Solicitation For Evidence A 'Recipe For Misconduct' (03-16-2021)

COVID Cases, Outbreaks In Schools Continue Upward Climb (03-16-2021)

Vaccine Jumpstart Campaign Coming Next Week At Ford Field (03-16-2021)

Senate Gets Canadian Officials To Support Line 5 (03-16-2021)

Schneider 'Bothered' By Whitmer Making Watchmen Prosecutions 'Political' (03-15-2021)

Benson Wants Transparency; Won't Rule Out Future Severance Payments (03-15-2021)

AG Says No To GOP Request For Nursing Home Investigation (03-15-2021)

Republicans To Gov: Increase Comerica Capacity For Opening Day (03-15-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (03-15-2021)

Everyone Over 16 Will Be COVID Vaccine-Eligible April 5 (03-12-2021)

Here’s How State Moves Propane Without Line 5 (03-12-2021)

Gov Tries To Take ‘Hush’ Out of ‘Hush Money’ Payments (03-12-2021)

Shirkey Given Power To Take Legal Action If Gov Spends Vetoed Money (03-11-2021)

Whitmer Pushes Back On GOP's Nursing Home 'Talking Point' (03-11-2021)

Oversight Makes Issue Of UIA's Infrequent Talks With Governor (03-11-2021)

Macomb Prosecutor Announces Process For Reviewing Nursing Home COVID Deaths (03-11-2021)

Nonprofit Wants DHHS To Stop Disseminating 'False' Info About COVID-19 Vaccine (03-11-2021)

Gubernatorial Appointments (03-11-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (03-11-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (03-11-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (03-11-2021)

Albert Draws Bright Line On Budget Talks; House Tries Again On Vetoed Money (03-10-2021)

Albert Draws Bright Line On Budget Talks; House Tries Again On Vetoed Money (03-10-2021)

Lawmakers Tie DUI Expungement To .08 BAC Level (03-10-2021)

Gov Reflects On One Year Of COVID-19 In MI (03-10-2021)

McDaniel Not Looking At Gov Run; Bernero Officially Files For Mayor (03-10-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (03-10-2021)

Nearly $700K Shelled Out By House, Senate In Severance Payments (03-09-2021)

SBE Approves District Dropping Lewis Cass Name; Dems Extend Rice's Contract (03-09-2021)

New School Outbreaks On The Rise Past 3 Weeks (03-09-2021)

New School Outbreaks On The Rise Past 3 Weeks (03-09-2021)

Opinion On Whether To Dismiss Snyder's Charges Expected Within 7 Days (03-09-2021)

AV Application Fraud Would Become A Felony Under Two-Bill Package (03-09-2021)

Gov Nixes $650M In Supplemental Spending; House Fails To Resurrect It (03-09-2021)

LGBTQ Advocates: We've Got The Votes (03-08-2021)

PPP: Voters Are Split On Who Should Have Emergency Powers (03-08-2021)

Wedding, Banquet Venues Ask Whitmer To Reopen (03-08-2021)

Words Of Wisdom From The Late Frank Kelley (03-08-2021)

Barrett, Hollier Launch GoFundMe Page To Feed National Guard Troops (03-08-2021)

When It Comes Down To It, Will The Senate Reject Hertel? (03-08-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (03-08-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (03-08-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (03-08-2021)

'Nonsensical' Supplemental Bill Given To Governor (03-08-2021)

The Women Of Michigan: Movers, Shakers and Precedent Changers (03-08-2021)

Whitmer Lunches With National Guard A Week Before They Come Home (03-05-2021)

Gov Replaces Baird On Eastern MI Board; Other Appointments (03-05-2021)

Gov's Office To Departments: Come Clean With Separation Agreements (03-05-2021)

Informant: Wolverine Watchmen Defendants Wanted To 'Catch The Bitch' (03-05-2021)

Gov's Budget Plants Seed Money For More Sustainable State Facilities (03-05-2021)

Nesbitt Emerging In Senate R Leadership (03-04-2021)

Pressure Builds On DHHS Director Confirmation Vote (03-04-2021)

SB 1? Hertel Denies Knowing What It Is During Second Confirmation Hearing (03-04-2021)

Chambers Want In-Person Workplace Restrictions Eased (03-04-2021)

The Birth Of Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Unveiled In Court Hearing (03-04-2021)

MI Teachers Not Demanding Vaccine Before Returning To Class (03-04-2021)

Fourth Time The Charm For FOIA Reform? Other Legislative Bits (03-04-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (03-04-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (03-04-2021)

Barrett On Run For Governor? (03-03-2021)

State, Former UIA Head Can't Disparage Each Other In Separation Deal (03-03-2021)

Here's What Wolverine Watchmen Allegedly Asked Potential Recruits (03-03-2021)

$2.25-An-Hour Bump For Direct Care Workers Make Legislators' Budget (03-03-2021)

Troops' Bad Food Generates Senate Action (03-03-2021)

Nursing Home Visitors; Restaurants, Gatherings & More Expand Under New Order (03-02-2021)

Poll: Miller Within 1 Point Of Whitmer; 70% Of MI Voters Would Vaccinate (03-02-2021)

Gov Says She Can't Talk Gordon Payout: 'That's Simply What It Is' (03-02-2021)

Gov Says She Can't Talk Gordon Payout: 'That's Simply What It Is' (03-02-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (03-02-2021)

MIRS, Citizens Research Council Offer Budget Analysis Webinar Thursday At 1 PM (03-01-2021)

Feb COVID Cases Mark Third Straight Month Of Declining Numbers (03-01-2021)

Some Lawmakers Won't Say If They'll Get COVID Shot (03-01-2021)

Yaroch Wants State's Head Nursing Home Inspector Fired (03-01-2021)

Yaroch Wants State's Head Nursing Home Inspector Fired (03-01-2021)

House-Senate Reaching Deal On Supplemental (03-01-2021)

Gordon Paid $155K On Way Out Under Deal Reached With Gov's Office (03-01-2021)

Gubernatorial Appointments (02-26-2021)

Gyms Restricted To 25% Capacity Say Their COVID Spread Rate is .0057% (02-26-2021)

Patriot Party Candidates Would Have To Swear Oath To Platform (02-26-2021)

Adrian State Prison, McLaren Hospital Among Latest MIOSHA COVID Violations (02-26-2021)

Tribe Pushes On With Muskegon Casino Despite House Resolution (02-26-2021)

Posthumus: Exempt Family Members From Capacity Limits At High School Sports (02-26-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (02-26-2021)

Hertel Can't See Not Being On Same Page With Governor (02-25-2021)

Senate Wants Folks Told If Vaccine Came From Aborted Tissue (02-25-2021)

House Adopts Resolution To Keep A Lid On Tribal Casino Gaming (02-25-2021)

House Adopts Resolution To Keep A Lid On Tribal Casino Gaming (02-25-2021)

MEDC CEO Leaving For Honigman; National Search For Replacement Wrapping Up (02-25-2021)

DHHS Chief Turns Down Oversight Invite On Nursing Home Numbers; More News (02-25-2021)

DHHS Chief Turns Down Oversight Invite On Nursing Home Numbers; More News (02-25-2021)

Keep MI Safe Want State To Stop Counting Unlock MI Signatures (02-25-2021)

Dam Safety Report Warns Of 'Grave' Future If Funding Doesn't Increase (02-25-2021)

Show Up To Jury Duty, Get Vaccinated (02-25-2021)

Better Worker Benefits Highlight D's COVID Package (02-25-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (02-25-2021)

Senate Budget Removes Race As Vax Distribution Factor (02-24-2021)

Gov Hints At Bringing Back Nursing Home Visits As Panel Explores Legislation (02-24-2021)

Gov. Pushes Transportation Infrastructure Investment At Congressional Hearing (02-24-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (02-24-2021)

Gov's Office: We Did Reach Out On Propane (02-23-2021)

R's Weigh Tie-Bar, Direct Care Worker Issues In Supplemental (02-23-2021)

Lame Duck Resolution Moves; Dems OK With Making False AV Ballot Apps A Felony (02-23-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (02-23-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (02-23-2021)

Insiders: Lack Of Cooperation Among Leaders Diminishing State's Future (02-22-2021)

Michigan Courts Rethinking Jury Trials Post-Pandemic (02-22-2021)

Lasinski Defends Diversity Among Dems (02-22-2021)

End Of Moratorium Could Mean Glut Of Evictions In April (02-22-2021)

Barnes Re-Elected MDP Chair; Solidarity Slate Declares Gains On Central Committee (02-20-2021)

Barnes Re-Elected MDP Chair; Solidarity Slate Declares Gains On Central Committee (02-20-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (02-19-2021)

Gov, Peters Join Biden At Pfizer; Prez Wants To End Cancer After COVID Is Defeated (02-19-2021)

Khaldun Makes The Most Among State Appointees At $244K (02-19-2021)

Whitmer On GOP Proposal To Regulate COVID By Region (02-19-2021)

GOP Hopeful: 'Gaslighting Grifters, Gangsters' Can Move To 'Snowflake Friendly' State (02-19-2021)

Richardville Offers Thoughts On Governor-Majority Leader Problem (02-18-2021)

Gov Calls Army Secretary After National Guard Served Undercooked Chix, Meatloaf (02-18-2021)

Gubernatorial Appointments (02-18-2021)

Enbridge, State Will Seek Dismissal Of Each Other's Suits (02-18-2021)

Winter Storms Delay Vaccine Shipments (02-18-2021)

Restaurants' Reopening Plan Would Allow For 50% Capacity Right Now (02-17-2021)

No 'Formal Discussions' On COVID-19 Spending Bill Between Gov, Legislature (02-17-2021)

Gov's Poverty Task Force Puts Forth 35 Policy Ideas (02-17-2021)

Nessel Wants Conversation With Whitmer Over OWI Expungement (02-16-2021)

New COVID Cases Hit Lowest Weekly Average Since First Week In October (02-16-2021)

Shirkey: 'Too Many Dead People Voted'; Explains 'Hoax' Comment (02-16-2021)

Whitmer Supportive Of MSP Scrapping Signal App (02-16-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (02-16-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (02-16-2021)

Whitmer Tells Chamber To Lean In For Civility, Supplemental (02-12-2021)

Shirkey Kept Underground As Lasinski Leads Calls For Resignation (02-11-2021)

$3B In More Spending, Not Cuts, Highlights Gov's '22 Budget (02-11-2021)

Local Govs Thankful For Increases, Say More Is Needed (02-11-2021)

Gov's 'Game-Changing' Child Care Proposal Comes In Response To 'She-cession' (02-11-2021)

Feds Charge 3rd Michigan Man In Jan. 6 Capitol Insurrection (02-11-2021)

Gov's Budget Includes $92.4M For Criminal Justice Reforms (02-11-2021)

Whitmer Revving Up On Mobility With $25M Initiative (02-11-2021)

Whitmer Nudging, Not Mandating In-Person Instruction With Budget (02-11-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (02-11-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (02-11-2021)

Why Did Hillsdale R's Take The Shirkey Video? Whitmer, Wentworth Respond (02-10-2021)

Blue Cross 'Disappointed' In SML Comments; DTE Denies Sponsoring Fundraiser (02-10-2021)

Gov Names Former Clark Hill, Lansing City Attorney To Straits Corridor Authority (02-10-2021)

More Money For Abortion Alternative Programs Considered (02-10-2021)

Michigan's Trial Courts Face 'Substantial' Backlog Amid Pandemic (02-10-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (02-10-2021)

Child Care, Help For Local Governments Highlight Gov's Budget (02-10-2021)

Senate $2B COVID Plan Makes 20% Cut To Gov's COVID Enforcement Effort (02-09-2021)

Shirkey Calls U.S. Capitol Insurrection 'Hoax' (02-09-2021)

Gov: 'Meting' Out Fed COVID Money 'Foolish' (02-09-2021)

Buttigieg Campaign Staffer Joins Gov's Comms Team Among Other Promotions (02-09-2021)

Dems Question Shirkey's Leadership Status After Conspiracy Claims (02-09-2021)

MEA Survey: 50% Of Respondents Have Already Received Vaccine (02-09-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (02-09-2021)

Judge Dismisses Charges Against 6 Hairstylists From Operation Haircut (02-08-2021)

Hillsdale GOP Censures Shirkey For Not Being 'Viable Opposition To Democrats' (02-08-2021)

Weiser, Maddock & Allies Sweep MIGOP Convention (02-08-2021)

Why Did Governor's 'You Better Not' Change Into 'Oh, Go Ahead?' (02-08-2021)

School Outbreaks Increase For 4th Straight Week, DHHS Releases Sports Guidance (02-08-2021)

Ruddell Notes Importance Of Relationships In Lansing (02-08-2021)

'Let Them Play' Suit Still Alive (02-05-2021)

State Hasn't Gone On Hiring Binge Since Gov Lifted Hiring Freeze At End Of '20 (02-05-2021)

41% Of MI Voters Say Prez Election Results Not Legitimate (02-05-2021)

Hertel's Take On The Whitmer-Shirkey Cold War (02-04-2021)

Gov: Science Says High School Sports Can Begin Play (02-04-2021)

Gov's Student Recovery Panel To Study Learning Loss Due To COVID (02-04-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (02-04-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (02-04-2021)

Whitmer Waiting For 'Full' COVID-19 Plan From Lawmakers (02-04-2021)

Where Is $90M More For Vaccines Going? (02-03-2021)

Where Is $90M More For Vaccines Going? (02-03-2021)

Gov Fills Out Climate Solutions Advisory Panel (02-03-2021)

Senate Dumps 5 More Gov Appointees In Protest (02-03-2021)

Former SOS Questions If Unlock Michigan Is Being Held Up For Political Reasons (02-03-2021)

What Do State Employees Think About Working From Home? (02-03-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (02-03-2021)

More Than 1,000 Michigan Guard Members Remain in D.C. (02-02-2021)

Let Them Play Sues To Get Winter Sports Competing (02-02-2021)

MI At 5th Lowest COVID-19 Daily Case Rate; 10th In Vaccines Used, More News (02-02-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (02-02-2021)

Gov Appoints 3 Former Dem Lawmakers To State Officers Compensation Panel (02-01-2021)

Those Spoiled Vaccines Might Not Have Been Spoiled After All (02-01-2021)

Benson, Hall Trade Dueling Election Reform Packages (02-01-2021)

SPLC: 25 Hate Groups In Michigan; 11% Decline Nationwide From Prior Year (02-01-2021)

Bill Would Take On 'Karens' Of MI By Prohibiting Racial, Ethnic-Based 911 Calls (02-01-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (02-01-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (02-01-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (02-01-2021)

Gov Ends 2020 With $3.5M In The Bank (02-01-2021)

Governor Open To Redo Of Vetoed DUI Bill (01-29-2021)

No Legal Action Over Winter Sports . . . For Now (01-29-2021)

Sen. Hertel On GOP COVID Plan: Let's Look At It (01-29-2021)

MacDonald Picks Up County Road Funding Plan (01-29-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (01-29-2021)

Four Drug Offenders Released After Commuted Sentences (01-28-2021)

What We've Got Here Is Failure To Communicate (01-28-2021)

High School Sports Wins The Day In Legislature (01-28-2021)

Gov Sees Vaccine Distribution As Back On Track; Speaker Calls It Dismal Failure (01-28-2021)

Gov Sees Vaccine Distribution As Back On Track; Speaker Calls It Dismal Failure (01-28-2021)

Advice And Consent Hearings On Hertel Not Starting Any Time Soon (01-28-2021)

House GOP COVID-19 Relief Plan Comes In $2B Less Than Gov's Offering (01-27-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (01-27-2021)

13 Gov. Appointments Rejected; We'll Use The Tools We Have 'Without Explanation' (01-27-2021)

Lower Prescription Drug Costs Emerges As Theme (01-27-2021)

Lower Prescription Drug Costs Emerges As Theme (01-27-2021)

Gov Recaps 'Year Of Horribles' But Pledges To 'Fix The Damn Road Ahead' (01-27-2021)

State Scammed Out Of $24K Trying To Buy PPE, Could've Been $4.9M (01-26-2021)

This May Be First SOS Not Given In Front Of Legislature (01-26-2021)

Jury Will See Facebook Posts About Wanting To Kill Gov, AG (01-26-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (01-26-2021)

McClain Asks Gov If DTMB Will Investigate Scam (01-26-2021)

Gordon Died On The Hill For Continued Restrictions (01-26-2021)

Transgender Veteran Considers Dropping Suit Over Policy Change (01-25-2021)

What Tone Will Whitmer Set In Her Speech? (01-25-2021)

Gov Mum About Gordon Departure, Thanks Him For Service (01-25-2021)

Reopening Cries Shift To High School Hoops, All Youth Sports By Feb. 1 (01-25-2021)

Shirkey Gets Strong Pushback From SOS On Unlock Michigan Request (01-22-2021)

Gordon Abruptly Resigns From DHHS, Elizabeth Hertel Named New Director (01-22-2021)

Concerns Shift To Capacity Limits & Curfew As Gov Allows Indoor Dining (01-22-2021)

Khaldun On Vaccine Line-Skippers: No Shot In Arm Is Wasted Vaccine (01-22-2021)

15% Bump For Bridge Card Holders & Other Details In $5.6B Supplemental (01-21-2021)

U.S. Attorney Resigns; Will Join Detroit Firm (01-21-2021)

$641.2M Flint Water Settlement Given Preliminary OK (01-21-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (01-21-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (01-21-2021)

Governor Ready To Show Off Revamped Press Auditorium (01-21-2021)

Trump Commutes Kilpatrick's Federal Prison Sentence (01-20-2021)

Restaurant Owner: 'Why Wife Cries Herself To Sleep' (01-20-2021)

Smooth Inauguration Day Greets Biden (01-20-2021)

A Couple Dozen Police, 20 Media Folks, 4 Protesters (01-20-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (01-20-2021)

New Canvasser Has Two Outstanding Suit Against Secretary of State (01-19-2021)

Tisdel: Now Is Not Time To Let Guard Down (01-19-2021)

After Vetoes, Gov Puts Forth Property Tax Relief In $5.6B COVID Supplemental (01-19-2021)

Whitmer Decided Monday She Could Make Inaugural (01-19-2021)

Nearly 12K Doses Of Vaccine Wasted After Shipment At Wrong Temperature (01-19-2021)

Gov's Supplemental Includes $5M To Ban All Weapons From Capitol (01-19-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (01-19-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (01-19-2021)

Abnormally Large $3.7B Balance Projected For '20 (01-15-2021)

Game of Chicken Brewing Over COVID Dollars (01-15-2021)

Bellino Reintroduces Bill To End 'Pension Tax' (01-15-2021)

Fence Goes Up; Session Canceled Next Week Over 'Credible Threats' (01-15-2021)

January Cases Half The Amount Reported In 15 Days In December (01-15-2021)

Baird Resigns From EMU Board, 'I Will Be Exonerated' (01-15-2021)

Fewer Than 25% Of States Allow Legislator-To-Lobbyist Revolving Door (01-15-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (01-15-2021)

State's Cap On Attorney Rates For Flint Water Defendants 'A Joke' (01-14-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (01-14-2021)

FBI: Delaware Man Says God Gave Permission For Him To Kill (01-13-2021)

State: All Vaccines Distributed Either Administered Or Scheduled (01-13-2021)

Gov: No Specific Capitol Threats; Nessel 'Gravely Concerned' About Violence (01-13-2021)

Stamas Suggests Senate Hold Up Appointments Until Economy Opened (01-13-2021)

SB 1 Gives Legislature Power To Extend DHHS Emergency Orders After 28 Days (01-13-2021)

Whitmer To Lift Eatery Restrictions But Not Until Feb. 1 (01-12-2021)

Lansing Mayor Wants National Guard; Extra Fencing Planned For Capitol (01-12-2021)

House To Consider 2/3 Super Majority For Lame Duck Bills (01-12-2021)

Genesee Lawmakers Say Their County Needs A Fairer Share Of Vaccines (01-12-2021)

Enbridge Rejects State’s Notice To Revoke Easement (01-12-2021)

Snyder-Era Officials Brace For Criminal Charges Regarding Flint (01-12-2021)

CDC: McLaren Flint Spread Legionnaires' For Decade (01-12-2021)

Capitol Commission Votes To Ban Open Carry (01-11-2021)

Case Rates Down 70% Since Nov. Order; 2 Other 'Key Metrics' Down, Too (01-11-2021)

Coulter, Hackel Criticize Vaccine Rollout; Gov Wants To Directly Buy Pfizer Doses (01-11-2021)

Judge Dismisses Wellness Group's Suit Challenging Mask Mandate (01-11-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (01-11-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (01-11-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (01-11-2021)

Whitmer: MI Has 'Pushed Out Every Single Vaccine That We Have Received' (01-08-2021)

Gov's Goal Is For Every School To Offer In-Person Option By March 1 (01-08-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (01-08-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (01-08-2021)

COVID Relief Funds To Be Held Until Whitmer Does More (01-08-2021)

Gov's Office Orders Up Another Extension For Flint Legal Services Contract (01-08-2021)

Whitmer Tells Feds To Release Vaccines 'Being Held Back' (01-07-2021)

Michigan-Illinois Announce Asian Carp Prevention Plan (01-07-2021)

#25thThe45th -- What It Is, Why MI Dems Want It, Why It Might Not Be Successful (01-07-2021)

Following The Capitol Riot, 4 Questions Posed To 4 Republicans (01-07-2021)

Gov Reports 'Jump' In People Moving Around Over Christmas (01-06-2021)

Seniors, Teachers Now Eligible For Vaccines; Physicians Say They Haven't Had Turn (01-06-2021)

Slow Fed Numbers Fingered For Low Vaccinating Rates (01-06-2021)

Whitmer, Snyder, Wentworth, Shirkey Condemn Capitol 'Riot' (01-06-2021)

5 Top Unresolved Capitol Issues Going Into 2021 (01-05-2021)

16 Bills Fall To Pocket Vetoes As Time Runs Out (01-05-2021)

26% Of State's COVID Vaccines Have Been Administered (01-05-2021)

Open Carry Ban May Be Coming To Capitol (01-05-2021)

How Candice Miller Landed On No (01-05-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (01-05-2021)

New Washtenaw County Prosecutor: No Cash Bail Requests (01-04-2021)

Judge Declines Injunction In Suit Challenging Appointment Of Electors (01-04-2021)

Gov Signs Batch Of Criminal Justice Reforms Into Law (01-04-2021)

Pundits Answer: Miller Says She Won’t Run For Governor, But Is She Really Out? (01-04-2021)

Ananich, Whitmer, Wentworth Pledge To Work On UI Fix (01-04-2021)

MI Halfway To Million Total COVID Cases; 47-Day Decline In New Cases (01-04-2021)

Flint Water Crisis Settlement Bills Signed Into Law (12-30-2020)

Whitmer Maintains Quotability Standards Of Governor's Office (12-30-2020)

Governor: True or False? (12-30-2020)

Governor Vetoes 13 Bills, Signs 21 Into Law (12-30-2020)

DNR Head: Closing State Parks In Pandemic 'Never On The Table' (12-29-2020)

DNR Director Lays Out What Sunk Line 5 Easement (12-29-2020)

Governor On Legalized Pot, Mayor Pete, Georgia Senate Race And More (12-29-2020)

First Gentleman Breaks Silence on 'Dock Joke' (12-29-2020)

Gov Signs $106M In COVID Funding/Vetoes $359M - UI Benefit Extension In Question (12-29-2020)

Khaldun: Stats Show Cases Are Declining, Expresses Cautious Optimism (12-29-2020)

Governor Signs More Than 80 Bills At Session's End (12-29-2020)

Ananich Says Rs Using COVID to Set-up Gov in '22 (12-28-2020)

Ananich Says Rs Using COVID to Set-up Gov in '22 (12-28-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (12-28-2020)

Gubernatorial Appointments (12-28-2020)

Whitmer vs. Trump Acolyte In 2022? (12-23-2020)

LEO Leader: 'Ideal' If UIA Had 5X Workforce Before Stay Home Order Started (12-23-2020)

MIOSHA, Liquor Control Surpass Past Years With COVID-Related Punishments (12-23-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (12-23-2020)

Whitmer's Mission: Indoctrinate To Inoculate (12-23-2020)

Water Shutoff Moratorium, Virtual Meetings Continue Under Gov-Signed Bills (12-22-2020)

AG Confident No 'Catastrophic Consequences' Decommissioning Line 5 (12-22-2020)

AG Confident No 'Catastrophic Consequences' Decommissioning Line 5 (12-22-2020)

Gov Commutes Sentences For 4 Men Serving Time For Non-Violent Crimes (12-22-2020)

State Of The State Won't Be In Packed House Chamber (12-22-2020)

Shirkey Calls Gov's 'Science-Driven' Decisions 'Bovine Secretion' (12-22-2020)

Gov Revives Liquor Buy-Back Program, Allows Food Stamp Usage At Restaurants (12-22-2020)

Whitmer 'Looking For Solution That Makes Sense' On Tesla Distribution (12-21-2020)

COVID Biz Aid Program Buried Within 12 Hours (12-21-2020)

Burton: DeVos-Haworth Piece Was Political Hit On 'Good Jobs' Incentive (12-21-2020)

Gov Names Engineer To MPSC; Deputy Legal Counsel Shkreli As Child Ombudsman (12-21-2020)

Gov Swaps Former Chamber Exec With Former Union Exec On Civil Service (12-21-2020)

COVID Money Debate Pushed Into Friday; House Supports Repealing '45 Riot Act (12-18-2020)

COVID Money Debate Pushed Into Friday; House Supports Repealing '45 Riot Act (12-18-2020)

Natural Resources Commission Now A Whitmer Majority (12-18-2020)

Whitmer To Feds On COVID Vaccine: 'Where Are Our Doses?' (12-18-2020)

If Biden Asked Her To Be VP, Whitmer Would Have Said Yes (12-18-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (12-18-2020)

Wentworth, 45 GOP Reps Back Weiser For MRP Chair (12-17-2020)

Kidnapper Allegedly Told Co-Conspirators To Kill Police If Necessary (12-17-2020)

Gov Gives Herself Majority On Civil Rights Panel With Latest Appointments (12-17-2020)

MPSC OKs $100M Electric Rate Hike For Consumers; Bids Farewell To Talberg (12-17-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (12-17-2020)

Biden Makes Granholm Appointment Official (12-17-2020)

Raises OK'd For Non-Unionized State Workers Despite COVID Budget Concerns (12-16-2020)

Gordon, Washington Getting Protesters Outside Their Homes (12-16-2020)

Judicial Appointments (12-16-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (12-16-2020)

Sex Offender Registry Changes Go To Gov; ISD Reimbursement Moves (12-16-2020)

Sex Offender Registry Changes Go To Gov; ISD Reimbursement Moves (12-16-2020)

Wisconsin Suspect In Gov Kidnap Plot Loses Extradition Fight (12-15-2020)

Gov. Will Negotiate On Small Biz Relief; Not Health Orders (12-15-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (12-15-2020)

10 Packages Unlikely To Survive Lame Duck (12-14-2020)

Electoral College Votes Biden, Civil Unrest Deflated (12-14-2020)

How Soon Will The 2022 Governor’s Race Get Underway? (12-14-2020)

Health Workers, Nursing Home Residents Get Vaccine First (12-11-2020)

Analysis: 25% Of Lawsuits Challenging EOs Failed (12-11-2020)

Gubernatorial Appointments (12-11-2020)

Stibitz Touts DTMB Response To COVID In Advice And Consent (12-10-2020)

Johnson: 'I Felt Like I Was Beat Up;' Gov Asks Wentworth To Reconsider (12-10-2020)

High School Sports Waiting On Governor (12-10-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (12-10-2020)

Rejecting Mask Mandate, Senate Would Restrict Orders To 28 Days (12-10-2020)

Johnson Stripped Of Committees Over 'Make Them Pay' Post (12-09-2020)

Trump's Team, Shirkey Weigh In On Texas Suit (12-09-2020)

Duggan Goes For 3rd Term With Support From Whitmer, El-Sayed, More (12-09-2020)

Senate Says State Must Keep Paying Former Officials' Legal Bill (12-09-2020)

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Rothwell: Partisanship Slowing Progress, Creating Uncertainty For Biz (12-08-2020)

Huizenga Making a Go at Senate (12-08-2020)

Michigan Hits 10,000 Deaths Due To COVID (12-08-2020)

Two More Election-Related Suits Fail (12-08-2020)

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Barry County Sheriff Wants To Stop Deletion Of Election Files (12-07-2020)

State Remains On COVID Pause For 12 More Days (12-07-2020)

Governor 'Hopeful' On Jobless Benefits (12-07-2020)

Khaldun: Giuliani Hearing Attendees Should Quarantine Until Sat.; House Scheduled For Wed., Thur. (12-07-2020)

Whitmer Named MIRS' 'Michigan Political Figure Of The Year' (12-07-2020)

Whitmer Named As Co-Chair Of Biden Inauguration Committee (12-07-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (12-07-2020)

Protestors Tell Benson: 'Your Neighbors Will Not Get No Sleep' Until Election Audit (12-07-2020)

Horseracing Bill Heading To Glue Factory Down The Stretch (12-04-2020)

Appeals Court Denies Trump Campaign's Appeal (12-04-2020)

Redistricting Critics Cast Attorney Candidate As Left-Leaning (12-04-2020)

Shirkey 'Demands' Gov Create Metrics For Restaurant Reopenings (12-03-2020)

Budget Offices Asks For $300M More For COVID Response (12-03-2020)

Weiser Running With Maddock For GOP Party Chair (12-03-2020)

Nearly 33% Of Michigan Stayed Put On Thanksgiving; Gov Says That’s Not Enough (12-03-2020)

Democratic Delegates Certified; Judge Asked To Audit Wayne Co. Elections (12-03-2020)

Gov: All Electeds Should Disclose Positive COVID Test (12-03-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (12-03-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (12-03-2020)

Judge Again Declines To Stop DHHS' Ban On Indoor Dining (12-02-2020)

State: More Info Needed About Straits Tunnel Impact On 'Cultural Resources' (12-02-2020)

Attorney For Gov Kidnapping Plot Defendant Call Prosecution A 'Political Vendetta' (12-02-2020)

Interim UIA Director Describes Two-Edged Dilemma (12-02-2020)

Panel OK With Extending Poverty Tax Exemption; More Committee News (12-02-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (12-02-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (12-02-2020)

Lawmakers Receiving Calls To Pick Electors For Trump (12-01-2020)

COVID Vaccines Projected As Widely Available By April-May (12-01-2020)

Problem Solvers Pitch $908B Stimulus Compromise (12-01-2020)

Appeals Panel Not Impressed With Gov's Attorney's Arguments In Recall Case (12-01-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (12-01-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (12-01-2020)

JCAR Opens Book For Internet Sports Betting; Many More Committees In Brief (12-01-2020)

JCAR Opens Book For Internet Sports Betting; Many More Committees In Brief (12-01-2020)

Cancer Helped Bring Morse's Life Into Focus (11-30-2020)

Is the Gov’s $100 Million Ask A Sure Bet For Passage? (11-30-2020)

New Suit Seeks To Overturn Biden Win (11-30-2020)

Dem Politicos: Gordon Most Likely Michigan Official To Join Biden Team (11-30-2020)

Casperson 'Fought The Good Fight Until The End' (11-30-2020)

MSF OKs $10M For Small Businesses Hardest Hit By COVID Closures (11-30-2020)

House Ds Revive 2019 Package To Extend and Enlarge Unemployment Benefits (11-30-2020)

Whitmer Wants $100M For COVID Relief (11-25-2020)

UIA Unplugged Fraud Protections During Height Of Backlog (11-25-2020)

Enbridge Files Suit To Block Shut-Down Of Line 5 (11-24-2020)

Cox Tells Michigan Republicans 'This Fight Is Not Over' (11-23-2020)

Gov Promotes Press Secretary Brown To Comms Director; Hires Peters Staffer (11-23-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (11-23-2020)

Trump Team Calls Certification 'Procedural Step,' No Word From James (11-23-2020)

Restaurants Take Court Loss Trying To Overturn Indoor Dining Ban (11-20-2020)

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Wentworth Has No Political Plans Past Speaker (11-19-2020)

Chatfield, Shirkey Going To D.C. To Meet With White House (11-19-2020)

Whitmer Tells Trump: Election Is Over In Michigan; You Lost (11-19-2020)

Shirkey: Biz Has Controlled COVID Spread, Proves 'Shutdowns Are For Show' (11-18-2020)

By Any Measure, COVID-19 Tide Rising Fast In MI (11-18-2020)

State To Use Strategic Fund To Pay For Flint Water Settlement (11-18-2020)

Chatfield: Gov And I Haven't Talked (11-18-2020)

12,000 More Wayne County Votes Changes Judicial Race Results (11-18-2020)

LaFave Dropped Three Other Bills That Aren't Impeachment (11-18-2020)

LaFave Dropped Three Other Bills That Aren't Impeachment (11-18-2020)

MEA: Whitmer's Three-Week Pause Should Go Further (11-17-2020)

Chatfield Won't Take Up Impeachment Vote (11-17-2020)

Flint Water Settlement Grows To $641.2M (11-17-2020)

'COVID-19 Is Spreading Like Wildfire' As New Restrictions Announced (11-16-2020)

Whitmer Wants 'Lame Lame Duck' (11-16-2020)

Are The Goals Of The Trump-GOP ‘Take It to Court’ Strategy Limited To 2020? (11-16-2020)

Maddock Calls For Impeachment; Dems Give It A '0%' Chance (11-16-2020)

Gov Moves To Revoke Line 5 Easement, Pipelines Would Close In May 2021 (11-13-2020)

Jackson Judge Lowers Bond For 2 Accused Of Backing Plot To Kidnap Gov (11-13-2020)

Khaldun: Virus Is 'Out Of Control' In MI; No New Restrictions Announced By Gov. (11-12-2020)

Gov Names Members Of State Black Leadership Advisory Council (11-12-2020)

Former SOS Johnson Asks For Audit In Election Results (11-12-2020)

MI Still Struggles To Count Kids Abused In Foster Care (11-10-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (11-10-2020)

COVID Deaths Hit High Point Since May; Gov Won't Say If Stay-Home Order Coming (11-10-2020)

Bill Would Provide Easier Access To Licensing For Vets In MI (11-10-2020)

Governor Tested For COVID-19 Four Times (11-09-2020)

Gov Won't Address Elections To Replace Lucido, MacGregor Until After Nov. 17 (11-09-2020)

Gov On UIA Director Resignation: Moving Agency In Different Direction 'Good Thing' (11-09-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (11-09-2020)

Whitmer, Dems Congratulate President-Elect Biden: GOP Legislature Issues Subpoenas (11-07-2020)

State Took 62 Days To Go 100K to 200K Cases; 168 Days To Go Zero To 100K (11-06-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (11-06-2020)

McDaniel, Cox Cite Election 'Discrepancies,' Benson & Others Counter 'False Claims' (11-06-2020)

Gov Wants Legislature To Pass Mask Law To Send 'Strong Bipartisan Message' (11-05-2020)

Gray Resigns As Unemployment Agency Director (11-05-2020)

Another D Says No On Cabinet (11-05-2020)

Health Care Immunity Act Bill Is Back; Passes Senate 21-13 (11-05-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (11-05-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (11-05-2020)

McCormack Retains Seat; Welch, Kelly In Mix For Second Slot (11-04-2020)

Republicans Feeling Positive After Knocking Off Elder In HD-96, Kennedy In HD-48 (11-04-2020)

Whitmer's Judicial Appointees Run The Table (11-04-2020)

Most Marijuana Proposals Pass; Fouts Denied A Chance For 5th Term (11-04-2020)

Dems Comprise Majority Of MSC After Election (11-04-2020)

Gov: 'I Don't Have Any Desire Or Intent To Go To A Cabinet' (11-03-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (11-03-2020)

Judge Denies School's Injunction Request To Stop Mask Mandate (11-03-2020)

Mitchell Has Biden +7 In Michigan; Yob Declines To Share Numbers (11-02-2020)

Gubernatorial Appointments (11-02-2020)

No Less Than 22% Of Registered Voters In Each County Have Voted (11-02-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (11-02-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (11-02-2020)

Trump Making It 5 Appearances In A Week (11-02-2020)

New Or Increased Tax Asks Make Up Majority Of Local Proposals (10-30-2020)

Trump Promises Vaccine Is Weeks Away During Waterford Rally (10-30-2020)

Two Sex Offenders Challenge State's Continued Enforcement Of SORA (10-30-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (10-30-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (10-30-2020)

Jill Biden Scolds Trump For 'How He Has Treated Your Governor' (10-29-2020)

Indoor Gatherings Go From 500 To 50; Bars & Restaurants Seat 6 In New DHHS Order (10-29-2020)

Supremes Deny Unlock MI's Request To Speed Review Of Sigs (10-29-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (10-29-2020)

Shirkey, Chatfield Offer To Kickstart COVID-19 Discussions (10-28-2020)

Gov Allows Expired Driver License To Work Until Dec. 11; Vetoes One Bill (10-28-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (10-28-2020)

Kroger Robots Awarded Strategic Fund Incentive (10-27-2020)

Trump Uses Whitmer As His Foil In Her Backyard (10-27-2020)

5 Whitmer Appointed Judges Face Challengers In November (10-27-2020)

Nonprofit That Backs Gov's Road Plan Also Backs Anti-Unlock MI Group (10-26-2020)

Nonprofit That Backs Gov's Road Plan Also Backs Anti-Unlock MI Group (10-26-2020)

Former CDC Director: 'Nowhere Near' End Of Pandemic (10-26-2020)

Feds Considering Adding Terrorism Charge Against 6 Accused Of Kidnapping (10-26-2020)

Governor Defends Biden On Sunday FOX Show (10-26-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (10-26-2020)