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Whitmer, Gretchen (D)

Office: 111 S. Capitol Avenue, Lansing MI 48909
Term: First

BB - Binsfeld Building,  BT - Boji Tower,  CB - Capitol Building,  HOB - House Office Building 


Gov. Whitmer served two terms in the Michigan Senate, the last of which she served as Democratic Leader. 

In addition, she served in the Michigan House of Representatives.


After departing the Senate due to term limits, Whitmer stepped in as interim Ingham County Prosecutor following the resignation and conviction of then prosecutor Stuart Dunnings.

While in the post, she launched a new Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Unit to go after abusers. 

She has also taught at both the University of Michigan and Michigan State University.


Gov. Whitmer is a graduate of Michigan State University and the Michigan State University College of Law. 


She has two daughters, Sherry and Sydney, and her husband, Marc MALLORY has three sons, Alex, Mason and Winston. 


JoAnne Huls

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Raise The Age Moves Out Of Senate Panel With Counties' Support (10-10-2019)

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Whitmer Supplemental Totals $475M; $100M For Rainy Day Fund (10-10-2019)

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Ad Board Shuffles $625M In State Funds; Rolls Up AG, MDE Budgets (10-01-2019)

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Two Judges Deny TRO To Block Gov's Flavored Vape Ban (09-30-2019)

RTL: D&E Abortion Ban Drive Reaches 200K Signatures (09-30-2019)

Trump In Trouble In Michigan, Pollster Contends There's Still A Path (09-30-2019)

Gov Preps Ad Board For Possible Budget Rearrangement (09-30-2019)

Whitmer Vetoes $947M, Including $375M For Roads (09-30-2019)

'Swanky' Algebra Program, Other K-12 Line Items Deleted (09-30-2019)

DOC Fears Budget Will Force Prison Teacher Layoffs (09-27-2019)

Is $6M Enough To Enforce Recreational Pot? LARA Subcommittee Chair Hopes So (09-27-2019)

Lottery Commissioner Declines To Wade Into Sports Gaming (09-27-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (09-27-2019)

Schools Viewing Youth Vaping As 'Crisis' (09-26-2019)

Miller's Opinion Could Be Big Factor In MI-10 (09-26-2019)

House, Senate Not Returning Until Oct. 2 (09-26-2019)

Board Of Ed Prez To Whitmer: Veto Our Budget (09-26-2019)

Industry Official: Vaping Ban Will Cause More Health Problems Than Solve (09-25-2019)

Senate Dems: 'Governor Needs To Show Strength' (09-25-2019)

Whitmer Campaign Senior Advisor Named To Women's Commission (09-25-2019)

Hollier's Aggregates Bill Dumped Onto Transportation Committee (09-25-2019)

Mental Health Funds Hit By 'Perfect Storm,' But New Budget Could Be Better (09-25-2019)

Vape Shop Challenges Whitmer's Flavored Vape Ban (09-25-2019)

Shirkey Warns Of 'Fractured' Relationship If Whitmer Rewrites Budgets (09-25-2019)

Legislators Deal Without Gov To Pass 15 Budgets (09-24-2019)

Pay Raises For Health Workers Abound In DHHS Budget (09-24-2019)

Strategic Fund OKs $2.8M For Boji's Farnum Redevelopment (09-24-2019)

Judiciary Budget Includes Cybersecurity, Problem-Solving Court Money (09-24-2019)

Robinson Calls DIFS Budget 'Racist' (09-24-2019)

MDOT Budget With $857M From General Fund Sent To the Governor (09-24-2019)

MEDC Pulls Projects In Key Lawmakers' Districts (09-24-2019)

DMVA, EGLE Pass Unanimously; Agriculture, MSP, DNR Face Stiffer Opposition (09-24-2019)

TCFC: Shift Courts' Technology Management, Procurement To State (09-23-2019)

Rest Assured, These Won't Be Issues for Long -- Right? (09-23-2019)

Whitmer: Suspend Medicaid Work Rules If Too Many Lose Coverage (09-23-2019)

Shirkey: 'We're Not Slow Rolling Budget' (09-21-2019)

DeVos Takes On 'Union Bosses' At Mackinac (09-21-2019)

Gubernatorial Appointments (09-20-2019)

Speaker: Vaping Rules Lack Logic, Consistency (09-20-2019)

'Impeach Whitmer' Petition Out There (09-20-2019)

Moss, Barnes See No Dem Fractures (09-20-2019)

Record Amount Of General Fund Money Sunk Into Roads (09-19-2019)

Special Accreditation Needed For New Cancer-Fighting Therapy (09-19-2019)

DOC Budget Would Withhold Jail Funding From 'Sanctuary' Counties (09-19-2019)

Updates On 6 Budgets: Labor Day Start Report Popped Into MDE Budget (09-19-2019)

DHHS Can't Access 75% Of IT Dollars Without Legislative OK Under Budget (09-19-2019)

Gov's E-Cig Rules Vaporize Ban On Flavored Alternative Nicotine Products (09-18-2019)

Clarke, Brennan Successors Named (09-18-2019)

Lucido On Whitmer's Budget Stance: 'Just Asinine' (09-18-2019)

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House R's, D's Agree To $30M More For Special Education, Other Ed Reforms (09-18-2019)

All State Buildings Must Recycle Unless It's 'Not Feasible' (09-17-2019)

Unfinished Budget Slows Talks On New State Employee Wages (09-17-2019)

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Whitmer Wants Budget Before GOP Go On 'Your Weekend Getaway' (09-17-2019)

Whitmer, Dems, Strike Up 'Solidarity Forever' Alongside GM Workers (09-16-2019)

Does MPSERS Repayment Schedule Need Fixing? (09-13-2019)

Senate D's Do Have Some Budget Leverage (09-13-2019)

Gubernatorial Appointments (09-13-2019)

Would Vaping Ban Lure Folks Back To Smoking? (09-12-2019)

Local Option Road Funding Bills Rolled Out (09-12-2019)

State Adds To Flint Legal Services Hired By Snyder, Kept By Whitmer (09-12-2019)

$120M Kept In EGLE Budget For Drinking Water Protection (09-12-2019)

Attorney: Client Still Faced Racism; Calls On Gov To Investigate 'Atrocities' (09-12-2019)

State Police Nets 51 New Officers In Budget (09-12-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (09-12-2019)

R's Pass 2.4% Increase In School Aid; Roughly 1% For Colleges, U's (09-12-2019)

MPSC Appointee Tackles Question: 'How Do You Set A Reasonable Rate?' (09-12-2019)

Republican Plan To Put $500M More Toward Roads (09-12-2019)

CRC: Teacher Retirement Costs Eat Up Recent Ed Funding Increases (09-11-2019)

MPSC: Gas Utilities Must Show They Can Deliver In Dead Of Winter (09-11-2019)

Trump Administration To Ban Flavored Vaping Too (09-11-2019)

Budget Negotiations Break Down Over Road Funding (09-11-2019)

Iden Says He Found A Better Bet This Weekend In Indiana (09-10-2019)

The Senate's Lead Dem Wants MEGA Credits Gone (09-10-2019)

Stamas Suggests GOP Budget Could Be Used In A Pinch (09-10-2019)

House Oversight Looking Into Flavored Vaping Ban (09-10-2019)

Township Wants To Plow Dune To Get Back Its Beachfront Park (09-10-2019)

Maddock: No Dollar Number On Waste, Fraud & Abuse (09-10-2019)

Gov: We Need 'Changes Pretty Quickly' To 3rd Grade Reading Law (09-09-2019)

Did The Governor Cave-In Or Astutely Back-Off? (09-09-2019)

Greig Wants Public To Weigh In On Road Funding (09-09-2019)

Governor Puts Road Funding Talks On Blocks (09-09-2019)

El Sayed Won't Run For Office In 2020 (09-06-2019)

Whitmer Team Says GOP Actions 'Leading State To Trump-Style Shutdown' (09-06-2019)

Lucido 'Appalled' at MSP Director's Remarks (09-06-2019)

Mason Retained As Strategic Fund President (09-06-2019)

Work Requirements Apply To 42% Of Healthy MI Participants (09-06-2019)

House, Senate Pushing Ahead With Budgets (09-05-2019)

Lucido More Bullish About Governor Than Congress (09-05-2019)

Shirkey Spox: We're With Whitmer On Flavored Vaping Ban (09-04-2019)

Quadrant Meeting Yields Brainstorming Session (09-04-2019)

Whitmer: We're Not Granholm, Dillon And Bishop (09-03-2019)

MSP Re-Inventing Chain Of Command (09-03-2019)

Red Flag Gun Bill Goes Kaput (09-03-2019)

CRC On Road Funding: Let Locals Raise Their Own Taxes (09-03-2019)

Gubernatorial Appointments (08-30-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (08-29-2019)

House D's Want Something, Too (08-29-2019)

Under Continuation Budget, 89% Of School Officials Say They Can't Make Ends Meet (08-28-2019)

Whitmer Suggests 'Bold Action' After Vaping-Related Death (08-28-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (08-28-2019)

Leaders Agree To Meet Soon After More Barbs Fly (08-28-2019)

Governor: Pizza Or Pasta? (08-27-2019)

Caro Hospital Advocates Rally Here (08-27-2019)

Bills To Give Auditor General Access To Records Coming To A Vote (08-27-2019)

AG's Office Says Oklahoma Opioid Case Decision Encouraging For Michigan (08-27-2019)

Wentworth Mentions Passing Budget Without Whitmer (08-27-2019)

Brixie Had 47-Cent Gas Tax Ready To Go (08-26-2019)

Governor On 48th Birthday: Not Senior Citizen Yet (08-23-2019)

Sikkema: They'll Get Road Deal (08-23-2019)

Legislative Leaders Hand Whitmer 'Menu' Of Road Funding Options (08-22-2019)

Here's How Legalizing Marijuana Defunded Firefighters With Cancer (08-22-2019)

Gagliardi, Lasher Pull Up Barstools To Liquor Commission (08-21-2019)

Gov Convenes State Agency Task Force Aimed At Opioids (08-21-2019)

K-12 School Contract Talks Stalled With State Budget (08-20-2019)

Nesbitt Wants Senate To Confirm Justices; No More Income Taxes (08-20-2019)

Gov Drops Benton Harbor Closure Plan, Floats Joint Advisory Panel (08-19-2019)

Whitmer Team Believes Calendar Demands R's Come Up With Road Plan (08-19-2019)

ALEC Economist Talks Pensions, Gas Taxes, Michigan Comeback (08-17-2019)

Gubernatorial Appointments (08-16-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (08-16-2019)

More Than A Dozen Michigan Lawmakers Attend ALEC Conference (08-16-2019)

Richardville-Whitmer: Let's Not Be Like Them (08-15-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (08-15-2019)

Gov Kicks Arbulu Out Of Cabinet, Calls For His Resignation (08-14-2019)

Shirkey: There Will Be No Government Shutdown (08-13-2019)

The Tradition Continues: Woof. Woof. (08-13-2019)

Whitmer Appoints Two Judges (08-13-2019)

Gov Steers Truck Safety Grant To Review After Truck Lobby Ties Revealed (08-13-2019)

MCRC Chair: 'Serious Concern' Over Arbulu Effort To 'Minimize' Actions (08-12-2019)

Gov: We Need Budget Back-Up Plan (08-12-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (08-09-2019)

Big Bettors Will Go Where They Get Best Rates, Iden Tells NCSL (08-09-2019)

Whitmer: Great Lakes Governors Can Influence Presidential Contest (08-09-2019)

Report: Arbulu Made 'Inappropriate Comments' About Own Daughter (08-09-2019)

Mackinac Center Sues LARA Over Alleged FOIA Violation (08-09-2019)

Gubernatorial Appointments (08-09-2019)

Hemp Industry's Hands Still Tied Until New Regulations Are Issued (08-08-2019)

State Fiscal Outlooks Good for Next Year, Policy Specialist Says (08-08-2019)

Dashboard Or Letter Grades For Schools? By September, State Will Have Both (08-08-2019)

Gov: State Sustainability Plan Includes Green Prisons, Energy Audits (08-08-2019)

WMPF: 30-Yr MPSERS Bond Costs Taxpayers $13B Less Than Status Quo (08-07-2019)

Former LG Cherry/Raj Weiner Tapped For SVSU Board (08-07-2019)

Whitmer Talks Gun Control In Wake Of Dayton/El Paso (08-07-2019)

School Boards: Keep Hands Off Retirement Fund (08-06-2019)

Higher Ed To Be Hit for Roads (08-06-2019)

LaFave, Brixie Trade Verbal Shots Over Gun Control Tweet (08-06-2019)

Budget Negotiations Update (08-05-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (08-05-2019)

Whitmer Has 'Serious Concerns' About Arbulu Staying At Civil Rights (08-02-2019)

Governor On Medicare For All . . . Shhh (08-02-2019)

Hollier Wants To Flip The Script On Training Program (08-02-2019)

Gubernatorial Appointments (08-02-2019)

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Michigan Mentioned 21 Times In Debate; Detroit 18; Flint 11 (08-01-2019)

DHHS: Keep 84 Beds In Caro, Move 61 Beds Elsewhere (07-30-2019)

MEA Head Blasts 'Pensions For Potholes Scheme' (07-30-2019)

Michigan Businesses In Good Standing Moved To Front Of Line (07-29-2019)

Whitmer Pushes Great Lakes Agenda Ahead Of Debates (07-29-2019)

AG Powers Up Request To PSC For Automatic Outage Credits (07-26-2019)

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Dems Grewal, Brabec Off To Early Fundraising Start In Deep Blue 55th (07-26-2019)

House GOP Road Plan Steering For Post July 4 Release (06-26-2019)

Gov 'Open' To Bonding As Part Of Final Budget Negotiations (06-25-2019)

Does Nessel’s Opinion Really Force Enbridge’s Hand? (04-01-2019)

Does Nessel’s Opinion Really Force Enbridge’s Hand? (04-01-2019)

Whitmer: LG To Lead On Justice Reform, Broadband/State Not Interested In DMC (04-01-2019)

Rural, Urban Political Divide Widening As Trump Visits GR (03-29-2019)

Uncertain Future For Michigan's Medicaid Work After Court Ruling (03-29-2019)

New Game Show-Like Graphic Simplifies Whitmer's Thought Process (03-29-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (03-29-2019)

Nessel: Line 5 Tunnel Law Unconstitutional; Gov Halts State Action On It (03-28-2019)

MSHDA Panel Pops Poleski After Whitmer Restocks Board (03-28-2019)

Gov Brings Back Brisbo For New Pot Regulatory Agency (03-28-2019)

Bits and Tidbits (03-28-2019)

Whitmer Won't Sign Budget Without Road Funding Fix (03-27-2019)

MCCA Increases Assessment To $28 More A Car; Whitmer Calls For Audit (03-27-2019)

Survey Finds Little Lansing Faith In 45-Cent Gas Tax Hike (03-27-2019)

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Polling On Whitmer's Budget, No-Fault Reform In The Field (03-26-2019)

Marijuana Shop Seeks To Stop Facility License Deadline (03-26-2019)

Is It Obvious Yet That The Budget Won't Get Done By June or July? (03-25-2019)

If Not This Than What? GOP Road Plan Allegedly Coming (03-25-2019)

Measles Outbreak Shows Need For Better Immunization Rates (03-25-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (03-25-2019)

Facing 325 Trooper Retirements, MSP's Director Requests Recruit School In '20 (03-22-2019)

From Pot Regulator To Animal Euthanizer? (03-22-2019)

Trio Says Gov's 45-Cent Gas Tax in Trouble (03-22-2019)

Study Breathes Life Into Raising Smoking Age To 21 (03-22-2019)

House, Senate GOP Hold Joint Caucus (03-21-2019)

Pot Shop Applicant Wins Appeal, Board Reverses Previous Denial (03-21-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (03-21-2019)

Treasury Seeks $25M Toward Income Tax IT System Overhaul (03-20-2019)

Study: Incomes Not Keeping Up With Cost Of Living Increases (03-20-2019)

Bills Reported That Delay Education Evaluation Change (03-19-2019)

Senate R's To Keep Roads And Budget Separate (03-19-2019)

CRA: Getting To 90% Good/Fair For County Roads 'Just Not Realistic' (03-18-2019)

Suspect Arraigned For Vehicle Break-In At Gov's Residence (03-18-2019)

O'Rourke, Gillibrand Visit Michigan (03-18-2019)

Trump Off The Charts Up North (03-18-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (03-15-2019)

Gubernatorial Appointments (03-15-2019)

Senate D's Want Guaranteed No-Fault Rate Relief; Senate R's Want SAF For Higher Ed (03-14-2019)

Bloomberg Charity Cuts $10M Check For MI To Tackle Opioid Crisis (03-14-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (03-14-2019)

New Caro Hospital Construction Halted Pending Outside Review (03-13-2019)

County Road Folks Have Opinions On Whitmer's New Road Funding Formula (03-13-2019)

It's Been 8 Years Since This Happened (03-13-2019)

Casino Owner Becomes Central Figure In I-Gaming Debate (03-11-2019)

Is This The Year Of The ‘Grand Bargain?' (03-11-2019)

Legislature Has No Tentative Budget Calendar (03-11-2019)

The No Fault Inside-Outside Game Update (03-11-2019)

Judge Upholds Line 5 Authority But Strikes Down Board's Term (03-11-2019)

Gas Usage Could Decline 12% By 2025, And Tax Revenue With It (03-08-2019)

Lucido Still A 'No' On Road Funding Absent PA 51 Re-Write (03-08-2019)

Cush Back In Town (03-08-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (03-08-2019)

Gubernatorial Appointments (03-08-2019)

Wells Talks PFAS Response To Legislative Panel (03-07-2019)

$106M From Gov's Gas Tax Increase Won't Go To Roads (03-07-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (03-07-2019)

Shirkey OK With $2.5B Target (03-06-2019)

Hybrid, Electric Car Owners Pay More Under Whitmer's Roads Plan, Too (03-06-2019)

Pension Tax-For-S-Corps Swap Referred To As 'Doubling Down On Stupid' (03-06-2019)

Hawks: LARA Decisions Will Be Made In The Public Interest (03-06-2019)

No Linkage On Roads, No-Fault . . . Yet? (03-06-2019)

Inmates Waiting In Jail For Psych Exam Longer Than If They'd Been Convicted (03-06-2019)

BLM Supports Whitmer's Big Number (03-06-2019)

LARA To Pot Licensees: Caregiver Product Must Be Tested Before Sale (03-06-2019)

Whitmer Asks For 'One Historic Vote' In First Budget Presentation (03-05-2019)

Gov's New Formula Sends 70% Of New Gas Tax Funds To State Roads (03-05-2019)

Whitmer Explains Change Of Heart On Hefty Gas Tax (03-05-2019)

Chamber: We Support 'Meaningful Increase In User Fees' To Fix Roads (03-05-2019)

Whitmer Budget Pits Small Business Owners Against Public Pensioners (03-05-2019)

Here's The $122M Whitmer Wants To Cut From Her Budget (03-05-2019)

Education Funding Plan Bolstered By MSU Report (03-05-2019)

Does Shirkey Think We Need $2.5B For the Roads? (03-05-2019)

Emerson Watches From Sidelines (03-05-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (03-05-2019)

Whitmer's Plan Would Raise $2.5B For Roads (03-04-2019)

'Pension Tax,' S-Corps Taxation, $507M More For Schools Under Gov's Budget (03-04-2019)

Governor, House Not On Same Page With FOIA (03-04-2019)

Michigan AG Joins Coalition Opposing Title X 'Gag Rule' (03-04-2019)

Rick Johnson: Gov Makes Right Move on Pot Panel (03-04-2019)

Flame Flickers Out On Medical Pot Board Under Gov's Order (03-01-2019)

Dad Proud Of Daughter (03-01-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (03-01-2019)

Gubernatorial Appointments (03-01-2019)

Mackinac Center Proposes Per-Mile Road Fee (02-28-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (02-28-2019)

No-Fault Committee Discussions Nearing Boiling Point (02-27-2019)

Whitmer Still Not Tipping Her Hand on No-Fault Reforms (02-27-2019)

Whitmer Answers 7 Questions (02-27-2019)

Tax Policy Takes Up 'Pension Tax' As Its First Bill (02-27-2019)

Fiat Chrysler Claims $4.5B In New Michigan Plant Investment (02-26-2019)

Blind Activist's Suit Against State Gets New Life (02-26-2019)

First Statewide PFAS Water Supply Study Released (02-25-2019)

Just Minor Blips, Or Harbingers Of Future Headaches? (02-25-2019)

El Sayed Talks To Bernie (02-25-2019)

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Who's Still Hiring In The Whitmer Administration? (02-22-2019)

Benson Playing Undercover Boss (02-22-2019)

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Whitmer's Team Explores Sports Betting (02-21-2019)

Gov's Second EO Attempt Will Fly Like An EGLE (02-21-2019)

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Gov's EGLE Takes Flight Again, Rule & Permit Boards In Tow (02-20-2019)

Ananich's Nickname For Whitmer Is . . . (02-20-2019)

DIFS Director Talks Marijuana Money, Fighting Fraud (02-20-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (02-20-2019)

We'll Still Be Able To Beach Walk Along Great Lakes (02-19-2019)

Albert Makes Fox & Friends For Ionia Detention Story (02-19-2019)

Patterson: Consumers Energy Made Mistake (02-19-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (02-19-2019)

Cole Keeping An Eye On The Road For Hands-Free Legislation (02-15-2019)

Benson, BBM Moving On Past $37.5K Fine; Others Are Not (02-15-2019)

AG's Camp Calls Out Beckmann For Mentioning A Nessel Campaign Firing (02-15-2019)

Manoogian Dials Up Hands-Free Device Bill (02-14-2019)

Governor's E.O. Rejected For First Time In 42 Years (02-14-2019)

Shirkey: Whitmer Sponsored A DEQ Commission In 2002 (02-14-2019)

175 Districts Ask For Extra Days Amid 'Unprecedented' Cancellations (02-14-2019)

Whitmer Says Fox2 Story On Her SOS Dress Was 'Out Of Line' (02-14-2019)

Gordon Grilled On Fidelity To Medicaid Work Requirement (02-14-2019)

What Did Shirkey, Chatfield Say After SOS? (02-13-2019)

GOP Leaders: New Revenue Needed For Roads (02-13-2019)

DHHS Head: Public Assistance Cases Backlog 'Unacceptable' (02-13-2019)

Senate Oversight To Vote On Overturning EO Thursday Morning (02-13-2019)

Shirkey OK With Proposal A Revisit (02-13-2019)

'Snyder Family,' Capitol Community Mourn Travis Weber (02-13-2019)

Civil Asset Forfeiture Bill Heads To The House (02-13-2019)

Dianda Is Off To Alaska . . . But Not For Good (02-13-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (02-13-2019)

Whitmer Reaches Out To Republicans In 1st SOS . . . But Often Not Far Enough (02-12-2019)

Dearborn Says Goodbye To Dingell (02-12-2019)

Gov: Community College For All, 60% Degree Attainment By '30 (02-12-2019)

Adopting An Early Budget Is Not Chatfield's Highest Priority (02-12-2019)

Whitmer Expected To Announce Plan To Narrow Skills Gap (02-11-2019)

Governor Said Legislative Leaders Got 'Couple Hours' Head's Up On EO (02-11-2019)

How Did Whitmer Put The SOS Together? (02-11-2019)

Vaping Among Youths Described As Reaching ‘Crisis’ Levels (02-11-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (02-11-2019)

Whitmer Wants 'Legislative Improvements' For Healthy MI Work Reqs (02-08-2019)

Pro-Whitmer Group Fined $37,500 For $2.4M In Improper Ads (02-08-2019)

Shirkey, Chatfield Won't Do Canned SOS Response (02-08-2019)

Scripps Selected To Join MPSC; Bieda Going To Treasury (02-08-2019)

Former Dean Of The U.S. House Dies At Age 92 (02-07-2019)

Senate Slows Down E.O.-Killing Resolution (02-07-2019)

If EO Is Rescinded For Second Time In 56 Years, Is Honeymoon Over? (02-07-2019)

The Search For Answers In Consumers Energy Fire Begins (02-07-2019)

No State Reprieve On School Snow Days (02-07-2019)

House Votes To Clip EGLE's Wings (02-06-2019)

Former Official: Milliken Had His EOs Rejected All The Time (02-06-2019)

'Pension Tax' Repeal Discussion Begins In Hesitant Senate (02-06-2019)

Nassar's Name Comes Up At Advice And Consent Hearing (02-06-2019)

Hold The Hemp: MDARD Needs Clean-Up Bill To Get Industry Going (02-06-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (02-06-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (02-05-2019)

Pink and Blue Sounded Nice But Did Greenbacks Call the Tune? (02-04-2019)

PFAS Response Team Recharged In EO (02-04-2019)

Consumers Energy Thanks Customers In Super Bowl Ad (02-04-2019)

DHHS Bottleneck Causing Long Delays In Food, Heat Assistance Cases (02-01-2019)

Whitmer: FOIA Extensions To Be Exception, Not Rule (02-01-2019)

Glenn: Consumers Energy Crisis Was Avoidable (02-01-2019)

Higher Ed: K-12 Give Back Top Concern (02-01-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (02-01-2019)

Whitmer, Consumers Energy President: Please Turn Thermostats To 65 (01-30-2019)

State Government Closed Again Amid Coldest Weather Since 1996 (01-30-2019)

Whitmer Enjoys Good Early Numbers (01-30-2019)

Could Whitmer 'Take Ownership' Of 2015 Roads Package? (01-30-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (01-30-2019)

State Government, Senate, House, Courts Shut Down Wednesday (01-29-2019)

State Of The State Moving To Feb. 12 (01-29-2019)

Whitmer: No Dog In Redistricting Hunt (01-29-2019)

State Of State Date Could Be Moved (01-28-2019)

State Government Shuttered By Snow; 4th Time In 6 Years (01-28-2019)

AG's Office: Opinion On Line 5 Tunnel Law Expected By March (01-28-2019)

Is Law Needed To Ban Fracking Wastewater As Road Dust Suppressant? (01-28-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (01-28-2019)

Whitmer's Road Funding Proposal Coming In Budget Presentation (01-25-2019)

Secretive Committee Using Loophole To Avoid Disclosure (01-25-2019)

Cherry, Evans, Stabenow Make Whitmer's List Of Emergency Successors (01-25-2019)

Gubernatorial Appointments (01-25-2019)

Advice And Consent Hearings Start Next Week (01-24-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (01-24-2019)

Snyder's MSU Board Pick Gave $4K To Whitmer, $2,500 To Benson (01-22-2019)

Benson Wants Nessel's Opinion On Lame Duck Petition Drive Changes (01-22-2019)

Chatfield Opens State Capitol To Trump For State Of The Union (01-18-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (01-18-2019)

First Quadrant Session In The Books (01-16-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (01-16-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (01-15-2019)

Who Had More Initial Lobbyist Appointments: Whitmer Or Snyder? (01-11-2019)

State Revenues To Tick Up $264M This Year, $225M More Next Year (01-11-2019)

New Director Talks About Opportunities In Combined DHHS (01-11-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (01-11-2019)

Whitmer Names Former Obama Appointee As DHHS Director (01-10-2019)

Duggan's Son Working For Whitmer, Prusi Named Northern MI Director (01-10-2019)

New Gambling Legislation? It's A Good Bet (01-10-2019)

Speaker Says Auto Insurance Rates 'Holding Back Our State' (01-09-2019)

Ananich's First Four Priorities Don't Include Roads Or No-Fault (01-09-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (01-09-2019)

Whitmer Signs Directive Banning Salary History Question (01-08-2019)

Whitmer: What Road Fee Hike? (01-08-2019)

And Who Should Walk In But . . . The Governor? (01-08-2019)

Whitmer's Non-Discrimination Directive Covers State Services (01-07-2019)

This Stuff Is Inevitable, Right? Wrong? Maybe? (01-07-2019)

Shirkey Puts Up Stop Sign On Any New Road Fee Hike (01-04-2019)

Whitmer Calls For More State Contracts For 'Disadvantaged' Businesses (01-04-2019)

Gov: I Will Veto Bills Circumventing 'Right To A Referendum' (01-03-2019)

Senate Names Committee Chairs; Lucido To Lead New Advice & Consent Panel (01-03-2019)

Whitmer's First SOS Pushed Back To Early February (01-03-2019)

Snyder, Calley Leave Notes For Whitmer, Gilchrist (01-03-2019)