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Benson, Jocelyn (D)

Office: 430 W. Allegan Street, 4th Floor, Lansing, MI 48918
Term: First

BB - Binsfeld Building,  BT - Boji Tower,  CB - Capitol Building,  HOB - House Office Building 


Secretary of State Benson won the office in 2018 on her second try.  She fell five percent short on her first run for the office in 2010. 


She is the author of Secretaries of State: Guardians of the Democratic Process and is a former dean of the Wayne State University Law School. 

Prior to her election, she was serving as CEO and executive director of the Ross Initiative in Sports Equality (RISE), a national non-profit.


Secretary Benson is a graduate of Wellesley College, Harvard Law School and Oxford University.


She is married to Ryan FRIEDRICHS, and the two have a son, Alden. 


Hilarie Chambers

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