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Nessel, Dana (D)

Attorney General
Office: 525 W. Ottawa Street, P.O. Box 30212, Lansing MI 48909
Term: First

BB - Binsfeld Building,  BT - Boji Tower,  CB - Capitol Building,  HOB - House Office Building 


Dana Nessel was elected Attorney General in 2018 after she defeated former House Speaker Tom LEONARD in the general election. 


She is a former Assistant Prosecutor in the Wayne County Prosecutors Office.  While there, she was assigned to handle a number of the most difficult cases the county faced. She worked with the Child & Family Abuse Bureau, Police Conduct Review Team, and Auto Theft Unit.

After leaving the county, Nessel oepned her own legal firm where she worked to defend the rights of indigent defendants, as well as work on civil rights cases.

In 2010, she spearheaded the DeBoer v. Snyder case which challenged state bans on adoption and marriage for same-sex couples in Michigan. 


She graduated from the University of Michigan (Bachelor of Arts) and Wayne State University (Juris Doctor).


She resides in southeast Michigan with her wife, Alanna MAGUIRE, and her twin sons, Alex and Zach. 


Kelly Keenan

Additional Information

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Supremes Won't Consider Legislature's Intent On Arson Statute; More News (01-15-2021)

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Senate Says State Must Keep Paying Former Officials' Legal Bill (12-09-2020)

Senate Says State Must Keep Paying Former Officials' Legal Bill (12-09-2020)

MPSC: Gov Canceling Line 5 Easement Changes Enbridge's Tunnel Case (12-09-2020)

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Judiciary Would Allow Expungement For First Offense DUI (12-02-2020)

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3rd Circuit Court Ruling Notes Fair Ballot Counting In Michigan (11-06-2020)

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Most Marijuana Proposals Pass; Fouts Denied A Chance For 5th Term (11-04-2020)

No Word From MSC On Open-Carry At Polls (11-02-2020)

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New Or Increased Tax Asks Make Up Majority Of Local Proposals (10-30-2020)

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Judge Strikes down SOS' Ban Of Open Carry At Polls (10-27-2020)

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Nonprofit That Backs Gov's Road Plan Also Backs Anti-Unlock MI Group (10-26-2020)

Landfill Hit With Attorney General Suit For Not Fixing Environmental Issues (10-23-2020)

Shirkey Supports Banning Open Carry In The Gallery (10-23-2020)

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Benson Orders Clerks To Ban Open Carry Firearms From Polls (10-16-2020)

Parochiaid Case Scheduled For Supremes' November Oral Arguments (10-16-2020)

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Gov Vetoes Bills Making Fraudulent AV Apps A Felony (10-16-2020)

Accused Kidnapper Talks About 'Hunting' During Liberty Protest (10-15-2020)

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MI First In Nation To Allow For Automatic Expungement For Some Crimes (10-12-2020)

Sheriff Suggests Conspirator May Have Tried 'To Arrest' Gov (10-09-2020)

Nessel: Whitmer, Family Moved As Plotters Planned (10-09-2020)

Ballot Postmark Decision Assigned To Appeals Panel (10-09-2020)

13 Charged With Plot To Kidnap, Try, Execute Governor (10-08-2020)

Attorneys For Arrested Political Robocallers Push Back In Court (10-08-2020)

Gov, Dem Reaction To Foiled Plot Turns To Trump (10-08-2020)

Benson Referring GOP To AG For 'Misinformation' On Ballot Drop Boxes (10-07-2020)

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Mask Mandate Called 'Muzzle Order' In New Federal Suit (10-06-2020)

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State Regulators: COVID-19 Fines, Rules For Employers Remain Despite MSC Ruling (10-05-2020)

How Does Trump Having COVID-19 Affect Election? (10-05-2020)

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Robert Davis Goes After Benson Again In Court (10-02-2020)

Beaumont Ends Merger Talks With Wisconsin Hospital (10-02-2020)

AG Charges 2 Political Operatives With Trying To Intimidate Voters (10-01-2020)

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Juvenile Lifers Lawsuit Settles; Timeline Set For Resentencing Hearings (09-30-2020)

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Nessel Will Investigate Unlock MI & Reports Of 'Criminal' Signature-Gathering (09-28-2020)

Would Secretary Push Gov To Extend AV Pre-Processing Window? (09-25-2020)

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DeVos Loses Suit On Directing COVID-19 Money To Private Schools (09-25-2020)

Pirich Wants Investigation Into Unlock Michigan (09-24-2020)

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Shirkey Accuses Judge In Ballot Postmark Case Of 'Activism From The Bench' (09-23-2020)

Whitmer Signs EO on Climate Control, Seeks Carbon-Neutral State By 2050 (09-23-2020)

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Cass Building Now Named After Former Reps. Elliott, Larsen (09-21-2020)

Judge: Ballots Postmarked Nov. 2 Can Be Counted 2 Weeks After Election (09-18-2020)

Controversial Macomb County Guardianship Company Will Dissolve (09-17-2020)

Federal Judge Orders Post Office To Scale Back Cuts (09-17-2020)

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Appeals Court Says SOS Can Mail Unsolicited AV Applications (09-16-2020)

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AG Announces Charges Against 2 Officers, Clears 3rd of Misconduct (09-15-2020)

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K-Zoo Biz Busted For Failing to Fulfill $38,000 In T-Shirt Orders (09-08-2020)

Nessel: Trump 'Incentivizing People To Commit Crimes' (09-04-2020)

Nessel: Trump 'Incentivizing People To Commit Crimes' (09-04-2020)

Judge Declines To Dismiss Juvenile-Lifers' Case (09-02-2020)

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Judge Blocks DeVos Plan To Give CARES Money To Private Schools (08-27-2020)

Bowling Allies Withdraw Lawsuit; Hoping To Roll A Strike With Gov (08-27-2020)

Robocall To Detroiters Makes Wild Claims About Voting By Mail (08-27-2020)

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AG: Flint Water Settlement Could Have Been 'Much More Expensive' If Dragged On (08-24-2020)

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Bits And Tidbits (08-21-2020)

State's $600M Flint Water Crisis Settlement Includes 'Groundbreaking' Services For Children (08-20-2020)

Settlement Reached, Now Greig Wants Water Quality Legislation (08-20-2020)

Feds Bust Organizer Of Border Wall GoFundMe Site That LaFave Highlighted (08-20-2020)

DHHS Staffers Will Not Testify In Front Of Committee Over Contract (08-19-2020)

The Ladies of MI Host Girl-Powered DNC Party (08-19-2020)

Postmaster Scales Back Changes Amid Lawsuit, Democratic Outrage (08-18-2020)

Benson Wants Out Of Deposition In Blind Voters' Lawsuit (08-17-2020)

New Baase-Backed Recalls Against Whitmer, Gilchrist Given OK (08-11-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (08-10-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (08-10-2020)

AG's Office Asks MSC Not To Decide Challenge To Gov's EO Powers; Bowling Alleys Sue (08-07-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (08-07-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (08-07-2020)

DHHS Asks CHRT To Evaluate Nursing Home Hub Policy (08-06-2020)

Nessel Sends Support Letter To Gov For Thompson's Commutation (08-05-2020)

Ex-MSU Gymnastics Coach Gets Jail For Lying In Nassar Investigation (08-04-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (08-04-2020)

Whitmer Recall Organizer Accused Of Gambling Away Campaign Money (08-03-2020)

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Supremes Breathe New Life Into Suit Seeking Schuette, Staffers' Emails (07-27-2020)

Fieger: AG Interviewing Legionnaires' Victims Family Members (07-24-2020)

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Bits And Tidbits (07-24-2020)

Wrongfully Convicted Can't Get Compensation For Pretrial Detention; More Courts News (07-23-2020)

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Lawsuit Filed Challenging Governor's Wedding Restriction (07-21-2020)

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Trump Threatens To Send Federal Cops Into Detroit (07-20-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (07-20-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (07-16-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (07-15-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (07-13-2020)

Gov Orders Businesses To Refuse Service To Mask-Less Patrons (07-10-2020)

Groups Call For Illinois-Based Civil Service Chair To Resign (07-09-2020)

Judge Considering Injunction Keeping State From Enforcing Nondiscrimination Policy (07-09-2020)

Democrats Say Race Should Not Be 'Weaponized' (07-09-2020)

'Unprecedented' $3M Fine Levied Against Biz Blamed For Holiday Booze Shortage (07-08-2020)

DeVos Also Taking Heat For Comments About In-Person Classes (07-08-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (07-08-2020)

Judge Dismisses Suit Challenging Independent Citizens Redistricting Committee (07-07-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (07-07-2020)

MI is Joining Suit Against DeVos; Opposition Argues COVID-19 Affects All Students (07-07-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (07-02-2020)

Once Line 5 Checks Out, Judge Signals He Could Open It Back Up (07-01-2020)

Members Want Cost Figures For A Gun Ban In The Capitol (06-30-2020)

Enbridge's Tunnel Request To Undergo Further MPSC Scrutiny (06-30-2020)

Supreme Court Strikes Down Louisiana's Abortion Clinics Law (06-29-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (06-26-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (06-26-2020)

Judge Temporarily Halts Line 5 Operations (06-25-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (06-25-2020)

Emagine Theatre Sues Governor, AG, Health Director (06-23-2020)

FERC: Short Of Taking Property, We Did Everything To Force Failed Dam Fix (06-23-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (06-23-2020)

Nessel Wants Line 5 Operation Stopped Now (06-22-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (06-19-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (06-19-2020)

MCOLES Member: Diversity, Tough Issues Should Be On Agenda (06-17-2020)

Nessel Wants Bad Cops' Licenses, Pensions Pulled (06-16-2020)

Attorney: AG Not Re-charging Retired DHHS Employee In Flint Case (06-16-2020)

Watershed SCOTUS Ruling: It's Against Law To Fire Employees For Being LGBTQ (06-15-2020)

Juvenile Lifers Ask To Stop Resentencing Hearing Delays (06-12-2020)

Appeals Court Hands Nessel A Loss On Line 5 Tunnel (06-11-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (06-10-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (06-10-2020)

Nessel Taking Edenville, Sanford Dam Owner To Court After Floods (06-09-2020)

Whitmer Recall Language Approved; Gov Will 'Likely' Appeal (06-08-2020)

Recall Leader Says He Has Network To Deliver 1M Sigs In 60 Days (06-08-2020)

Michigan 14th In COVID-19 Cases Per Capita (06-05-2020)

Senate Passes Bill To Train Police Officers In De-escalation (06-04-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (06-04-2020)

Mental Health Defense Argued For Man Who Threatened Gov, AG; More Court News (06-03-2020)

Mental Health Defense Argued For Man Who Threatened Gov, AG; More Court News (06-03-2020)

Court: Ex-Governor, Ex-Treasurer Can Be Deposed In Flint Water Civil Cases (06-02-2020)

Suspects Accused of Stealing $470,000 From VA, Michigan Treasury (06-01-2020)

Whitmer To Testify Before Congressional Subcommittee (05-29-2020)

Owosso Barber Loses In Appeals Court; Another Hairstylist Facing Problems (05-28-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (05-28-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (05-28-2020)

AG Coalition Files Suit Challenging Fed's Rollback Of Clean Car Standards (05-27-2020)

Judge Allows Republicans' Intervention In Democratic-Friendly Group's Lawsuit (05-26-2020)

Nessel Launched Fundraising Pitch Minutes Before 'Petulant Child' Remarks On CNN (05-22-2020)

ABC Michigan Files Lawsuit Over Governor's Orders That 'Weaponize MIOSHA (05-22-2020)

Two Technicians Face Felony Charges (05-22-2020)

Whitmer, Nessel Recall Petitions Rejected; BSC Orders Full Count On Fracking (05-22-2020)

Gov Adds Arenac, Gladwin, Saginaw Counties To Flood Emergency Declaration (05-22-2020)

Judge Considers Arguments In AG's Case Against Enbridge (05-22-2020)

Flooding Victims, Businesses Sue Hydroelectric Company Over Dams Failure (05-22-2020)

Gov Wins Round One In Suit With Legislature (05-21-2020)

Nessel: Trump No Longer Welcome In Michigan (05-21-2020)

River Rises To 35 Feet After Dam Failures Near Midland (05-20-2020)

Judge Recognizes Gov's 'Broad Authority'; Gives Whitmer Court Win (05-19-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (05-19-2020)

Capitol Commission Pondering New Legal Advice (05-18-2020)

Top 10 House Seats Most Likely To Flip (05-14-2020)

Ex-MSU Prez Charges Dismissed; GOP Appeals Redistricting Case; More Court News (05-13-2020)

LARA Suspends License For Owosso Barber (05-13-2020)

Shirkey Calls For Those Brandishing Weapons Arrested (05-12-2020)

U.P. Counties Push Back After 2 COVID Deaths, 15 New Cases In 2 Weeks (05-12-2020)

Capitol Commission To Study Issue Of Guns In The Building (05-11-2020)

Attorney: Failing To Act May Leave State Legally Exposed (05-11-2020)

AG Says Commission Can Ban Guns From Capitol (05-08-2020)

State Asks Enbridge Why It Didn't Mention Tunnel Lawsuits When Asked (05-06-2020)

AG Coalition Says Repeal Of ACA Could Make COVID-19 Crisis Worse (05-06-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (05-05-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (05-04-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (05-04-2020)

What Gov Said When Asked If She'd Withdraw From VP Speculation; More COVID-19 News (05-01-2020)

Nessel To Investigate State's COVID Contact-Tracing Contract Issue (04-30-2020)

Judge: Stay-Home Orders 'Consistent With The Law' (04-29-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (04-28-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (04-28-2020)

Supreme Court, Gov Extends Personal Protection Orders (04-27-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (04-27-2020)

27 Counties Haven't Had COVID-19 Death; New Polling; Yaroch Wants Change At UIA; More News (04-24-2020)

Appeals Panel: Schoolchildren Have 'Fundamental Right' To Literacy (04-23-2020)

Does Enbridge Already Have Authority To Build Tunnel? (04-22-2020)

Gov Cancels COVID Contact Tracing Contract Tied To Dem Data Firm (04-21-2020)

COVID-19 Deaths Equal Population Of Small City (04-21-2020)

Whitmer Takes 10% Cut As COVID Cases Keep Moving Downward (04-20-2020)

Flint Water Prosecution Team: Next Week Isn't Deadline To Bring Charges (04-17-2020)

Lawsuit Revving Up Against Motorboat Ban; Possible COVID Patient Spits In Cop's Face (04-16-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (04-13-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (04-13-2020)

Judge: Snyder Deposition Can Move Forward, Except On Immunity Claims (04-10-2020)

Law Center Tries Different Tactic To Get Alleged 'Hate & Bias Database' (04-09-2020)

Second Inmates Dies Of COVID-19; Hernandez Agitated By Whitmer Comment, More (04-08-2020)

Nessel, FLOW: Implement UP Propane Recommendations To Shut Down Line 5 (04-07-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (04-03-2020)

79% Of MI's COVID-19 Deaths Are Those 60 And Older; More COVID-19 News (04-03-2020)

79% Of MI's COVID-19 Deaths Are Those 60 And Older; More COVID-19 News (04-03-2020)

A New Danger -- Hijacking Of Video-Teleconferences (04-02-2020)

Flint-Like Curfew Not Yet Considered Statewide; More COVID-19 Bits (04-02-2020)

Census Completion Connected To Combating COVID-19 (04-01-2020)

DOC Officer Dies; COVID-19 Positive Inmates Increase (04-01-2020)

James, GOP Volunteer Latest To Fall To COVID-19 As MI Cases Leap To 9,334 (04-01-2020)

Feds Offer 'Coronavirus Prosecution Guide' (03-31-2020)

Police Want Heads Up If Called To COVID-19 Scene As MI Cases Hit 7,615, Deaths 259; More (03-31-2020)

Police Want Heads Up If Called To COVID-19 Scene As MI Cases Hit 7,615, Deaths 259; More (03-31-2020)

Unemployed Get Extra $600, 13 Weeks Of Coverage; AG Posts New Video; More (03-30-2020)

Unemployed Get Extra $600, 13 Weeks Of Coverage; AG Posts New Video; More (03-30-2020)

Medical Supplies Scarce At Metro Hospitals As COVID-Cases Hit 3,657; More News (03-27-2020)

Chang: Virus 'Does Not Have A Race Or Ethnicity' (03-26-2020)

Michigan Cases Rise To 2,856; 60 Deaths Reported; 'A Few Weeks Out' From Apex (03-26-2020)

Macomb Prosecutor, Former Rep., 2 Others Charged With Felonies (03-24-2020)

AG's Office Transitions Work Flow; Legislators Volunteer To Help (03-23-2020)

AG's Office Transitions Work Flow; Legislators Volunteer To Help (03-23-2020)

Beware Of Scammers Hawking Fake COVID-19 Testing Kits (03-19-2020)

Nessel: Virus Impacting Flint Class-Action Settlement (03-19-2020)

Same-Sex Couple Seek To Join Foster Care Agency's Suit Against State (03-18-2020)

Federal Court Blocks Stricter Work Requirements For Food Stamps (03-18-2020)

Nessel: 'We're Not Looking to Arrest People' (03-18-2020)

Whitmer Waives Rules To Prepare For Crowded Hospitals (03-17-2020)

AG Investigating Alleged COVID-19 Price Gouging; Lawmakers Prepare Bills (03-12-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (03-11-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (03-11-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (03-11-2020)

U-M Changing Legal Teams In Sex Abuse Investigation; 15 Suits Filed To Date (03-09-2020)

Two Lesbian Prison Officers Say Co-Workers Harassed Them On The Job (03-09-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (03-09-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (03-09-2020)

Settlement Lets Cited Motorists Know Of Community Service Option (03-06-2020)

Enbridge Hires Tunnel Contractors, Eyes Fall '21 To Start Construction (03-06-2020)

AG Will Not Open Investigation Into U-M Abuse Without Cooperation (03-05-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (03-05-2020)

Federal Judge Invalidates Michigan's Medicaid Work Requirements (03-04-2020)

Coronavirus Update: Gov Forms Task Forces; MSU Bans Some Travel To Asia (03-03-2020)

Supreme Court Will Hear Lawsuits Challenging ACA (03-02-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (02-28-2020)

State Reaches $80M Settlement In Juvenile Inmate Suit (02-27-2020)

Senate Makes Heartwell Rejection Official (02-27-2020)

Fill Out Census, Or MI Loses Fed Funding . . . To Ohio (02-26-2020)

Law Professor Calls Trump's Attack On Sotomayor, Ginsburg 'Ill-Advised' (02-26-2020)

Gov, AG, Legislative Leaders Wade Into Wayne State Conflict (02-26-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (02-26-2020)

AG Announces Bipartisan, Multistate Investigation of Juul (02-25-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (02-24-2020)

RNC, MRP Seek To Intervene In Suit Challenging Voting Law Changes (02-21-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (02-21-2020)

Nessel Wants Lawmakers To Keep Her Budget Rolled Up (02-19-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (02-18-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (02-18-2020)

Supremes Call For Arguments On 15% Petition Sig Law (02-14-2020)

UIA Director Can Be Deposed In Unemployment Benefits Fraud Suit (02-12-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (02-12-2020)

Senate Votes To Extend Wrongful Imprisonment Filing Deadline (02-11-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (02-11-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (02-10-2020)

Knezek Appointed To Wayne County Commission (02-06-2020)

Ex-Flint Water Consultants Seek Change Of Venue (02-06-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (02-06-2020)

DIFS Digging Through 1,600+ Auto Insurance Fraud Complaints Since '18 (02-05-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (02-04-2020)

Legislature Pleads With Supremes To Restore 15% Law (02-03-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (02-03-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (02-03-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (02-03-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (01-31-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (01-31-2020)

Whitmer Raises Another $743K For $1.3M War Chest (01-31-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (01-30-2020)

Whitmer Staffers Meet With Line 5 Protestors (01-27-2020)

Appeals Court Strikes Down PA 608 As Unconstitutional (01-27-2020)

Nessel Joins Suit Against Greater Access To 3D-Printed Guns (01-24-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (01-24-2020)

Tesla Can Sell To Michigan Customers, But Sales Must Occur Out-Of-State (01-22-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (01-22-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (01-21-2020)

Supreme Court Won't Expediate ACA Case (01-21-2020)

Judge Isn’t Dismissing Suit Against Nessel’s Hate Group Policy (01-17-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (01-17-2020)