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Chatfield, Lee (R)

State Representative District 107
Office: 164 CB
Term: 3rd
Phone: (517) 373-2629
Home Address: 2481 U.S. 31 N, Levering, MI 49755
Seat Number: 5
Standing Committees: Legislative Council(C), House Fiscal Governing Committee(VC)
(C) = Chair, (VC) = Vice Chair

BB - Binsfeld Building,  BT - Boji Tower,  CB - Capitol Building,  HOB - House Office Building  


Rep. Chatfield was first elected to the House in 2014 when he defeated Democrat Jim Page in the general election 61 to 39 percent.  During the general election, Chatfield successfully challenged then-Rep. Frank Foster of Pellston, making him the only candidate in 2014 legislative elections to unseat an incumbent.


Representative Chatfield served as a full-time high school teacher, coach and athletic director at his alma mater, Northern Michigan Christian Academy in Burt Lake.

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Rep. Chatfield earned his Bachelor of Science degree in History Education from Northland International University. He earned a Master of Arts degree in Public Policy from Liberty University.


He was born and raised in Northern Michigan and is a high school graduate of Northern Michigan Christian Academy. He married his high school sweetheart Stephanie in 2008 and they live in Levering with their four children – three sons and a daughter.


Rep. Chatfield and his family are active members in their local church and he serves his community in various ways. He is a member of Right to Life of Michigan, National Rifle Association, Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners and Michigan Farm Bureau. Lee has coached several community teams and hosts summer sports camps for his high school and local athletic associations.


Rob Minard

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Whitmer Vetoes $947M, Including $375M For Roads (09-30-2019)

Department Directors: Shutdown Averted (09-27-2019)

House, Senate Not Returning Until Oct. 2 (09-26-2019)

Legislators Deal Without Gov To Pass 15 Budgets (09-24-2019)

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Whitmer Team Says GOP Actions 'Leading State To Trump-Style Shutdown' (09-06-2019)

Whitmer Team Says GOP Actions 'Leading State To Trump-Style Shutdown' (09-06-2019)

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Biz Community Keeping Tabs On Who Votes For More Road Money (08-20-2019)

House GOP Kicks Around Shirkey Gas Tax Idea (08-19-2019)

Whitmer Team Believes Calendar Demands R's Come Up With Road Plan (08-19-2019)

More Than A Dozen Michigan Lawmakers Attend ALEC Conference (08-16-2019)

School Supplies Are Tax Free Under Bill (08-15-2019)

Leonard Nominated For U.S. Attorney Post; Stabenow, Peters Have 'Concerns' (08-14-2019)

Shirkey: There Will Be No Government Shutdown (08-13-2019)

Whitmer Broaches Gun Safety Issue With GOP Leaders (08-12-2019)

Whitmer Broaches Gun Safety Issue With GOP Leaders (08-12-2019)

WMPF: 30-Yr MPSERS Bond Costs Taxpayers $13B Less Than Status Quo (08-07-2019)

Whitmer Talks Gun Control In Wake Of Dayton/El Paso (08-07-2019)

Higher Ed To Be Hit for Roads (08-06-2019)

Higher Ed To Be Hit for Roads (08-06-2019)

Higher Ed To Be Hit for Roads (08-06-2019)

Higher Ed To Be Hit for Roads (08-06-2019)

Higher Ed To Be Hit for Roads (08-06-2019)

Inman Text: 'Going To Need . . . A Ton Of Campaign Money' For Prevailing Wage Vote (08-02-2019)

Canvassers OK Inman Recall Petition (08-01-2019)

Chatfield-Shirkey 'Close On Roads;' Legislature Not Coming Back Until Aug. 26 (07-29-2019)

Traverse City Residents Getting Impatient, Want Inman Out (07-25-2019)

Speaker Weighs Repealing Registration Fee Hike (07-25-2019)

Chatfield Raises $264K In 3 PACs, Lasinski PAC With $100K In Cash On Hand (07-25-2019)

Task Force Begins Work On Reducing Jail, Pretrial Incarceration (07-24-2019)

Whitmer Open To Extending Bonding Payments (07-24-2019)

Whitmer Open To Extending Bonding Payments (07-24-2019)

Freedom Fund Declares Crisis In 'Underfunded' Pension Plan (07-19-2019)

Using New Gas Tax Revenue For Locals Discussed (07-09-2019)

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Bonding Out School Pension Payback Suggested To Free Up $$$ (06-26-2019)

Bonding Out School Pension Payback Suggested To Free Up $$$ (06-26-2019)

Bonding Out School Pension Payback Suggested To Free Up $$$ (06-26-2019)

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Enbridge Asks State Court To Enforce Line 5 Tunnel Agreements (06-06-2019)

Opioids May Have Affected Inman's 'Cognitive Ability' (06-06-2019)

Whitmer Champions Elliott Larsen; Republican Leadership Not There (06-04-2019)

Lawmakers Ask For Delay In Gerrymandering Case Due To Other Priorities (06-04-2019)

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Could Rushed-Thru No-Fault Fix Solve One Problem While Causing Another? (06-04-2019)

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Lawmakers Pledge To Work With Launch Michigan Coalition (05-30-2019)

Inman Pleads Not Guilty To Three Federal Charges (05-28-2019)

Who Doesn't Like SB 1? CPAN, Trial Lawyers, Hospitals, Insurance Alliance (05-24-2019)

Major Auto Insurance Compromise Moves Through Legislature (05-24-2019)

Nesbitt Has A Week To Remember (05-24-2019)

Territory As A Rating Factor Splits Democratic Support For No-Fault Reform (05-24-2019)

Nesbitt Has A Week To Remember (05-24-2019)

Hernandez: June 1 Budget Deadline to be Missed (05-23-2019)

Gilbert Forms No-Fault Ballot Committee, Holds Off On Filing Language (05-23-2019)

Court Filing: FBI Has Recorded Phone Call Between Inman, Union Rep (05-23-2019)

No-Fault Reform On Tap For Special Friday Session (05-23-2019)

Dems Make Case For Inman Expulsion, Why R's Won't Go There Yet (05-22-2019)

Gov: Won't Be Bullied By Petition Drive (05-22-2019)

House Republicans Kick Inman Out Of Caucus (05-21-2019)

Next For No-Fault Reform? A Deal To Seal Or An End Run? (05-20-2019)

Next For No-Fault Reform? A Deal To Seal Or An End Run? (05-20-2019)

Next For No-Fault Reform? A Deal To Seal Or An End Run? (05-20-2019)

O'Malley Calls On Inman's Resignation, Dems Turn Up Heat (05-17-2019)

Inman Won't Resign; Chatfield Says He Needs To 'Reevaluate' (05-16-2019)

Whitmer Opens Door To PIP Choice; Lawmakers Halt Plans To Move Bills (05-16-2019)

Dems Offer No-Fault Plan With 40% Cut; Speaker Calls It 'Fairy Dust' (05-16-2019)

Rep. Inman Indicted On Extortion, Bribery Charges (05-15-2019)

Chatfield Asks Inman To Resign . . . Inman 'Considering It' (05-15-2019)

Chatfield Asks Inman To Resign . . . Inman 'Considering It' (05-15-2019)

Gov, GOP Leaders Begin Talks Over No-Fault Reform (05-14-2019)

No No-Fault Vote On Tuesday (05-13-2019)

Progress Michigan ‘Calls Out’ Republican Leaders On Road Plan (05-13-2019)

Sotomayor Asked To Stay Redistricting Decision After District Court Says No (05-10-2019)

House Passes Insurance Reform With Mandated Rate Rollbacks (05-09-2019)

Civil Asset Forfeiture Signed Into Law (05-09-2019)

Whitmer To GOP: 'Let's Talk;' Shirkey: 'I'd Be Delighted' (05-09-2019)

Why Did Greig Call The Speaker A 'Liar?' (05-09-2019)

Whitmer To GOP: 'Let's Talk;' Shirkey: 'I'd Be Delighted' (05-09-2019)

'No Artificial Timeline' For No-Fault In House (05-07-2019)

Randy To Governor: Call Me (05-06-2019)

Wentworth: No One Is On The Menu (05-03-2019)

Attorney: Supremes Must Consider Michigan's Gerrymandering Appeal (05-02-2019)

Hail To Victory -- Leadership PAC Fundraising Champ This Quarter (04-26-2019)

Raise The Age Billed As 'Right Thing To Do' (04-25-2019)

House R's End 1Q With $1.2M In The Bank (04-25-2019)

AG, Legislators Announce Unit Targeting Companies Who 'Cheat' Workers (04-22-2019)

AG, Legislators Announce Unit Targeting Companies Who 'Cheat' Workers (04-22-2019)

MRG Poll Has 45-Cent Gas Tax At 21% Support (04-17-2019)

Three Branches Of Gov't Unite Criminal Justice Data Collection, Reform Effort (04-17-2019)

Three Branches Of Gov't Unite Criminal Justice Data Collection, Reform Effort (04-17-2019)

Wentworth Majority Fundraising Email Lists 30 Caucus Co-Hosts (04-15-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (04-11-2019)

6-Foot Duck Shows Up In Chatfield's Office (04-09-2019)

Ed Committee Chair Wants End To Post-Labor Day Start Date (04-09-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (04-03-2019)

New Game Show-Like Graphic Simplifies Whitmer's Thought Process (03-29-2019)

Trump To Michigan: 'You Will Never, Ever Be Forgotten Again' (03-28-2019)

Whitmer Won't Sign Budget Without Road Funding Fix (03-27-2019)

House, Senate GOP Hold Joint Caucus (03-21-2019)

MML, Detroit Chamber Support Whitmer's 45-Cent Tax Increase (03-20-2019)

Iden On Origins Of Ways & Means Panel (03-15-2019)

Shirkey Liking Idea Of Electoral College Votes By Congressional District (03-14-2019)

Panel Says 'No Deal' Regarding 'Green New Deal' (03-13-2019)

LGBTQ Activist Believes Elliott Larsen Expansion Would Pass House (03-11-2019)

Legislature Has No Tentative Budget Calendar (03-11-2019)

The No Fault Inside-Outside Game Update (03-11-2019)

Lucido Still A 'No' On Road Funding Absent PA 51 Re-Write (03-08-2019)

Gas Usage Could Decline 12% By 2025, And Tax Revenue With It (03-08-2019)

Dems Hope To ‘Repeal The Steal’ And Return Minimum Wage To Petition Levels (03-07-2019)

Stamas: 1% Chance On Gas Tax; Chatfield: 0% (03-07-2019)

Chamber: We Support 'Meaningful Increase In User Fees' To Fix Roads (03-05-2019)

House Seizes Opportunity To Pass Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform (02-28-2019)

House, Senate Dems Back To Wave The Red Flag (02-28-2019)

Whitmer Still Not Tipping Her Hand on No-Fault Reforms (02-27-2019)

Dems Quote Mason's Rules For Lower (02-27-2019)

Nessel's Rosary Comments Draw Lawmakers' Comments (02-26-2019)

Letter From Chair Of House Local Government Chair Ruffles Feathers (02-25-2019)

Nearly One-Quarter Of Senate Staffers Make More Than A Senator (02-22-2019)

Gov's EGLE Takes Flight Again, Rule & Permit Boards In Tow (02-20-2019)

Roads, Rights, Reform Of Criminal Justice Top Republican Priority List (02-19-2019)

Manoogian Dials Up Hands-Free Device Bill (02-14-2019)

What Did Shirkey, Chatfield Say After SOS? (02-13-2019)

Duggan Would 'Love' A Return To Tort (02-13-2019)

Chang Seeks Nessel's Opinion On 'Adopt & Amend' (02-13-2019)

GOP Leaders: New Revenue Needed For Roads (02-13-2019)

Adopting An Early Budget Is Not Chatfield's Highest Priority (02-12-2019)

Whitmer Reaches Out To Republicans In 1st SOS . . . But Often Not Far Enough (02-12-2019)

Governor Said Legislative Leaders Got 'Couple Hours' Head's Up On EO (02-11-2019)

Shirkey, Chatfield Won't Do Canned SOS Response (02-08-2019)

Higher Ed: We Bring Value To The State (02-08-2019)

GOP Map Drawer Grilled Over Emails As Gerrymandering Trial Concludes (02-07-2019)

If EO Is Rescinded For Second Time In 56 Years, Is Honeymoon Over? (02-07-2019)

'Pension Tax' Repeal Discussion Begins In Hesitant Senate (02-06-2019)

LaFave: New DHHS Caseload System A 'Nightmare' (02-06-2019)

Lawmakers Grumble About Rejecting E.O. (02-05-2019)

House Gives Speaker Authority To Intervene In League v. Benson Redistricting Case (02-05-2019)

Pink and Blue Sounded Nice But Did Greenbacks Call the Tune? (02-04-2019)

Sotomayor Denies Stay In Federal Gerrymandering Lawsuit (02-04-2019)

Whitsett's Love For Community Lands Her In State House (02-01-2019)

Chatfield PACs Raised, Spent More Than $1M In '18 (02-01-2019)

DHHS Bottleneck Causing Long Delays In Food, Heat Assistance Cases (02-01-2019)

Judges Deny Benson's Proposed Redistricting Settlement (02-01-2019)

House R's Not Talking About Redistricting Settlement (01-31-2019)

Berman, Webber Want Annual MCCA Audits (01-30-2019)

Pot In The Car Among Items On Judiciary Chair's Agenda (01-29-2019)

State Of The State Moving To Feb. 12 (01-29-2019)

29 House Seats Could Be Impacted In Benson Redistricting (01-28-2019)

State Of State Date Could Be Moved (01-28-2019)

Whitmer's Road Funding Proposal Coming In Budget Presentation (01-25-2019)

Benson's Redistricting Settlement Would Redraw 11 State House Districts (01-25-2019)

Trump Seeks Chatfield Advice . . . Really? (01-25-2019)

Civil Asset Forfeiture Bill First To Move In Session (01-24-2019)

Speaker Coughs Up Airport Gun Fine (01-24-2019)

Trump Calls Chatfield To Decline SOTU Offer, Promises Visit (01-22-2019)