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Sheppard, Jason (R)

State Representative District 56
Office: 372 CB
Term: 3rd
Phone: (517) 373-2617
Home Address: Temperance, MI
Seat Number: 11
Standing Committees: Government Operations(C), Elections & Ethics(VC), Transportation, Appropriations, Financial Services
Subcommittees: Joint Capital Outlay
(C) = Chair, (VC) = Vice Chair

BB - Binsfeld Building,  BT - Boji Tower,  CB - Capitol Building,  HOB - House Office Building  


Rep. Sheppard was first elected to the Michigan House in 2014 when he defeated one other Republican in the August primary.  In the November 2018 general election, he defeated Democrat Tom REDMOND 50 to 47 percent.  


Rep. Sheppard is a commercial real estate agent with Signature & Associates and runs a small business that he founded 17 years ago.  

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Rep. Sheppard graduated from Whiteford Public High School and attended Michigan State University and the Unversity of Toledo.  


Rep. Sheppard and his wife of 12 years, Melissa, live in Temperance.  


Prior to being elected, Rep. Sheppard served two terms on the Monroe County Commission where he was a member of the Finance Committee, 9-11-Board, Streamlining Development Committee and Economic Development Committee.  


Jacob Mclaughlin

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