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Shirkey, Mike (R)

State Senator District 16
Office: S-106 Capitol Building
Term: Final
Phone: (517) 373-5932
Home Address: Clarklake, MI
Seat Number: 38
Standing Committees: Government Operations(C), Fiscal Agency Governing Board(C)
(C) = Chair, (VC) = Vice Chair

BB - Binsfeld Building,  BT - Boji Tower,  CB - Capitol Building,  HOB - House Office Building  


Sen. Shirkey was first elected to the Michigan Senate in 2014 when he ran unopposed in the GOP primary for the right to replace retiring Sen. Bruce Caswell.  In the general election, Shirkey defeated Democrat Kevin Commet 61 to 39 percent.  

Shirkey won his second term in 2018 after defeating Democrat Val Cochra TOOPS with 62.7 percent of the vote.  He defeated Republican Matt DAME with 63.5 percent of the vote. 

Following the November election, Shirkey, was officially elected Senate Majority Leader by his Senate GOP caucus. 

Prior to joining the Senate, Shirkey served two terms in the Michigan House where he was a major force behind passing the expansion of Medicaid in Michigan as well as a leading voice behind the effort to make Michigan a Right to Work state.  

During his last term in the House, Shirkey chaired the Michigan Competitiveness Committee and served on the Energy & Technology, Financial Liability Reform, Government Operations and Health Policy Committees.  


Senator Shirkey is the founder and owner of Orbitform, a leading engineering company that manufactures forming, fastening, joining and assembly equipment for a wide range of industries and applications. The company provides world-class prototype engineering services for assembly of parts and specialized forming and fastening. Shirkey also worked for General Motors in various management and engineering roles for 13 years.

To read MIRS biography of Sen. Shirkey, click here.


Sen. Shirkey earned a bachelor's degree from General Motors Institute (GMI) in 1978, and a master of science in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1979.


Sen. Shirkey is the proud father of three and devoted husband of 34 years to Sue. Mike and Sue also have several grandchildren


Jeremy Hendges
Cell Phone: 517-303-6026

Additional Information

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Shirkey's Offer To Pay For Extended School Year Rejected (03-18-2020)

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Shirkey Reconsidering AV Ballot Efficiency Bills (02-25-2020)

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Bits And Tidbits (02-19-2020)

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Bits And Tidbits (01-31-2020)

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On The Road To 2020 With 6 Legislative Possibilities (01-07-2020)

On The Road To 2020 With 6 Legislative Possibilities (01-07-2020)

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MIRS' Most Quotable Goes To State's Governor For First Time Since '15 (12-27-2019)

MIRS' Most Quotable Goes To State's Governor For First Time Since '15 (12-27-2019)

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Shirkey Hooks Hendges As New Chief Of Staff (12-23-2019)

Hertel Named MIRS 2019 Democrat Of The Year (12-23-2019)

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Senator Tooting His Own Horn About Good Jobs (12-17-2019)

Filler Named MIRS Freshman Of The Year (12-16-2019)

Filler Named MIRS Freshman Of The Year (12-16-2019)

Sunset Not Passing Is Bad Sign For Good Jobs (12-13-2019)

Nesbitt Wants Mandatory Labor Peace Rule To Swim With The Fishes (12-12-2019)

Shirkey: 'It Was Worth It' (12-10-2019)

Capitol Commission Still Not Changing Display Policy For Schor's Menorah (12-09-2019)

CON Scale-Back Bills Rolled Out To Mixed Reviews (12-05-2019)

Birthday Wishes In The Cake 'Bat'ter (12-05-2019)

CON Scale-Back Bills Rolled Out To Mixed Reviews (12-05-2019)

DHHS Head: 'High Likelihood' Court Will Block Work Requirements (12-04-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (12-04-2019)

Gov, Legislature Strike Deal On Budget, Ad Board Changes (12-04-2019)

Gov, Legislature Strike Deal On Budget, Ad Board Changes (12-04-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (12-04-2019)

Gov Says Pausing Medicaid Work Requirements Saves State $40M (12-03-2019)

Gov Says Pausing Medicaid Work Requirements Saves State $40M (12-03-2019)

Shirkey Has Knee Operation On 17th, But Seems Upbeat On Budget (12-03-2019)

Shirkey Has Knee Operation On 17th, But Seems Upbeat On Budget (12-03-2019)

Gov Wants Healthy MI Work Requirements To Take A Break (12-02-2019)

Shirkey Apologizes To Quadrant (12-02-2019)

Chef Shirkey Always Cooks The Turkey On Thanksgiving (11-27-2019)

Is Lucido Reading the Tea Leaves, Or Just Jumping The Gun? (11-26-2019)

Could Prolonged Budget Standoff Put MI Into One-State Recession? (11-25-2019)

Menorah Moved Back To Capitol Grounds  (11-22-2019)

Top Jewish Leader Calls For Menorah Next To Xmas Tree (11-22-2019)

Senate GOP Wages Written War On Whitmer (11-22-2019)

Shirkey Apologizes To Whitmer, Dems For 'Bat-Shit Crazy' Quote (11-21-2019)

Granholm's Former Lead Attorney On Whitmer: 'She's May Be Even Tougher' (11-18-2019)

Granholm's Former Lead Attorney On Whitmer: 'She's May Be Even Tougher' (11-18-2019)

MLPP Head Wants Pause on Medicaid Work Requirements (11-15-2019)

Islanders Fear 'Devasting' Cuts To Schools, Health Care, Tourism (11-15-2019)

Shirkey: ‘We’ll Come Back If Whitmer Changes Her Mind’ (11-13-2019)

Senate Sends Deer-Baiting Ball Back To House (11-13-2019)

Shirkey Nixes Big Menorah On Capitol Lawn (11-12-2019)

Gov: Supplemental Could Be 'A Few Weeks' Away (11-12-2019)

Geiss: Shirkey's Abortion-Slavery Comparison 'Incredibly Insensitive' (11-12-2019)

Gov: Supplemental Could Be 'A Few Weeks' Away (11-12-2019)

Gov: Supplemental Could Be 'A Few Weeks' Away (11-12-2019)

Shirkey Compares 'Scourge Of Abortion' To Slavery (11-08-2019)

House Primes Admin Board Bills Just In Case (11-07-2019)

Deal Quashed, Senate Republicans Say: ‘No’ (11-07-2019)

End To State Admin Board Standoff Hinges On Boilerplate Agreement (11-05-2019)

Gaming, Statute of Limitations For Flint Water On The Menu (11-05-2019)

Gilchrist Letter Signals Potential Breakthrough In Negotiations (11-04-2019)

'My Governor' Line Draws Under the Radar Fire (11-04-2019)

Legislature Spikes CON's Limitations On Cancer Treatment (10-30-2019)

Lights Will Be Off At Ad Board On Halloween (10-30-2019)

House Puts Its Money On Sports Betting, Internet Gambling (10-30-2019)

Legislature Spikes CON's Limitations On Cancer Treatment (10-30-2019)

Whitmer Offers To Undo 'Certain' Ad Board Transfers; Lawmakers Suggest 'All' (10-29-2019)

Bits And Tidbits (10-29-2019)

U.S. Term Limits: 'We Are Here, We Are Watching' (10-28-2019)

Conyers, Detroit's Congressional Rep For Half A Century, Dead At 90 (10-28-2019)

Singh: Asking Whitmer To Rollback Admin Board Powers Is 'Ludicrous' (10-28-2019)

Conyers, Detroit's Congressional Rep For Half A Century, Dead At 90 (10-28-2019)

Republicans Widen Cash On Hand Advantage Over Dems (10-25-2019)

Chatfield PACs Raise $356K In 3Q, $772K In '19 (10-25-2019)

Republicans Widen Cash On Hand Advantage Over Dems (10-25-2019)

Chatfield Suggests Cap On Admin Board Transfers (10-24-2019)

Could VNP Alliance With GOP Make Anti-Redistricting Suits Disappear? (10-24-2019)

Shirkey's Comments Sparked Term Limit Reform Coalition (10-24-2019)

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Lawmakers May Use Special Power To Overturn Administrative Decision (10-23-2019)

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Disquiet On The Budget Front – Who’s Asking for Too Much? (10-21-2019)

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Future Power Of Ad Board At Center Of '20 Budget Talks (10-16-2019)

Supplementals Stay Put; Talks Hit Snags (10-15-2019)

Pure Michigan Ads Run To End Of '19 Under Current Budget (10-15-2019)

Hertel: Typical Citizens Aren't Keeping Score Over Budget (10-11-2019)

Whitmer Supplemental Totals $475M; $100M For Rainy Day Fund (10-10-2019)

House, Senate Introduce Bills To Bring Back $256M Into Budget (10-08-2019)

Gov Opens Door To GF Road Money; Shirkey Cautions Against 'Pseudo Dictatorship' (10-07-2019)

So Who Starts The Supplemental Conversation? (10-04-2019)

So Who Starts The Supplemental Conversation? (10-04-2019)

Quadrant Focuses On Policy, Not Budget (10-03-2019)

Gov Wants Supplemental; Shirkey Says 'The Budget Is Done' (10-02-2019)

Shirkey, Hertel Talk To Media Post-Vetoes (10-02-2019)

Whitmer Flexes Executive Muscle With Vetoes, Ad Board Moves Money (10-01-2019)

R's Aren't Taking $1B Giveback Off The Table (10-01-2019)

Gov Preps Ad Board For Possible Budget Rearrangement (09-30-2019)

House, Senate Not Returning Until Oct. 2 (09-26-2019)

House, Senate Not Returning Until Oct. 2 (09-26-2019)

Hollier's Aggregates Bill Dumped Onto Transportation Committee (09-25-2019)

Shirkey Warns Of 'Fractured' Relationship If Whitmer Rewrites Budgets (09-25-2019)

2,500 No-Fault Protesters March On Capitol (09-25-2019)

2,500 No-Fault Protesters March On Capitol (09-25-2019)