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Lasinski, Donna (D)

State Representative District 52
Office: S986 HOB
Term: 3rd
Phone: (517) 373-0828
Home Address: 4977 St. Annes Court, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Seat Number: 57

BB - Binsfeld Building,  BT - Boji Tower,  CB - Capitol Building,  HOB - House Office Building  


Rep. Donna Lasinski was elected to her first term as state representative in November 2016.


Rep. Lasinski is the owner and president of ThinkStretch LLC, a K-12 education company that emphasizes summer learning and retention.

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Rep. Lasinski graduated from Eisenhower High School in Shelby Township and received degree in business administration from the University of Michigan and her master of business administration degree from Northwestern University.


She and her husband, Mike, have three sons.


She has served as the treasurer for the Ann Arbor School Board, director of the Washtenaw County Association of School Boards, leader of the Education Millage Team and parent liaison for the Great Start Collaborative for Early Childhood in Washtenaw County. She also was an interim director for Success by Six in Washtenaw County.


Libby McGaughey

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