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Johnson, Steven (R)

State Representative District 72
Office: N1091 HOB
Term: 3rd
Phone: (517) 373-0840
Home Address: PO Box 132, Wayland, MI 49348
Seat Number: 33
Standing Committees: Oversight(C), Judiciary, Elections & Ethics, Tax Policy
Subcommittees: Higher Education & Community Colleges(VC)
(C) = Chair, (VC) = Vice Chair

BB - Binsfeld Building,  BT - Boji Tower,  CB - Capitol Building,  HOB - House Office Building  


Rep. Johnson was first elected to the House in 2016.  


Rep. Johnson served as a staff Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force and was responsible for leading a team performing maintenance on nuclear ICBM weapon systems.  


Rep. Johnson is a graduate of South Christian High School. He earned an associate's in Applied Science with a focus on Electronic System Technology from the Community College of the Air Force before graduating from Liberty University with his Bachelor of Science Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on business and social science. He is currently working toward a Master's in Public Policy.  


Johnson is a deacon at Wayland Christian Reformed Church, board member of Project Hope in Dorr and board member of Christian Neighbors in Wayland.


Caleb Nichols

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Forgot To Renew CPL? Bill Makes It A Civil Infraction, Not A Felony (09-21-2021)

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Bill Ends Need To Count Attendance At Candidate Fundraisers (07-21-2021)

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Drivers Get An Extension For License Renewal; More House News (06-30-2021)

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Conservative Coalition, Activist Affidavits Call For 'Forensic' Election Audit (06-17-2021)

Brixie Makes SOS Branch Appointments For Graves, Outman (06-17-2021)

Bill Asks To Extend Brownfield Credit For Ford Wixom Assembly Site (06-16-2021)

MI Would Join Other States In Stopping Biz Subsidies Under Bipartisan Proposal (06-11-2021)

Johnson Hopes To Override Veto Of FOIA Suspension Bill (06-10-2021)

Lawmakers Extend Midtown Development Credit A Day Before Expiration (06-09-2021)

Lawmakers Extend Midtown Development Credit A Day Before Expiration (06-09-2021)

SOS Halving Appointments To 10 Minutes To Thin COVID Backlog (06-08-2021)

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Complaint Against Bar 'Resolved' After Gov Spotted Breaking COVID Rule There (05-24-2021)

Johnson Wants Answers To Whitmer Plane Flight (05-20-2021)

Can 1st Degree Murderers Skip Jail, Go Straight To Prison? (05-18-2021)

Report: Jet Used For Gov's Flight Wasn't Authorized For Charter Flights (05-17-2021)

Republicans Make Push On Vaccine Passport Ban (05-13-2021)

Child Tax Credit Passes Senate; Expanded Biz Tax Deduction Passes House (05-13-2021)

Treasury Takes No Position On New Tax Relief Bill; More Committee News (05-12-2021)

House Budget: UIA Won't Get Paid If Unemployed Aren't Looking For Jobs (05-12-2021)

In-Person UIA, SOS Offices, More 'U' Funding Highlight Budget Changes (05-11-2021)

LaGrand Explains Change Of Heart On MOU Bill (05-07-2021)

Vaccination Passport Ban Pitched As Preemptive Legislation (05-06-2021)

House Adds To DHHS Budget; Rejects Dem Changes To EGLE, DNR (05-05-2021)

Proposed Ethics Board Pulled Under Microscope (05-04-2021)

Gordon Talks About Gov Pushing Him Out The Door (04-29-2021)

SOS Will Add More Branch Appointments By Making Them Shorter (04-29-2021)

UIA, Lawmakers Urged To Reinstate Work Search Requirement (04-27-2021)

June Election Consolidation Clears House (04-27-2021)

Gordon Subpoenaed; Will Testify Next Week (04-22-2021)

'Radical Shift' In 'U,' College Funding Clears Subcommittee (04-22-2021)

45% Recycling Goal By '32 Supported By Full House (04-22-2021)

Whitmer Visited Father For Two Days; GOP Cries 'Hypocrisy' (04-21-2021)

House Gives Oversight Panel Subpoena Authority (04-20-2021)

Michigan-Only Gas Cans Gets Bipartisan House Support (04-20-2021)

Oversight Votes To Give Itself Subpoena Authority (04-15-2021)

House Supports Decriminalizing Minor Hunting, Fishing Infractions (04-15-2021)

Would It Be Fair To Exempt Pensions From Taxes But Not 401ks? (04-14-2021)

Would It Be Fair To Exempt Pensions From Taxes But Not 401ks? (04-14-2021)

Test Scores Would Be Removed From Scholarship Rules (04-14-2021)

Test Scores Would Be Removed From Scholarship Rules (04-14-2021)

Bills To Ban Cell Phones While Driving Taken Up In Judiciary (04-13-2021)

Wild Game Locations Would Be Exempted From FOIA Under Bill (04-09-2021)

Long-Term Care Ombudsman Says She Has A Third Of The Needed Staff (04-07-2021)

Carra Makes Congressional Run Official (04-05-2021)

Residents Would Get More Notice Of Public Land Sales (04-01-2021)

Savings Could Be Used To Defray Cost Of Water Projects (03-30-2021)

Nondisclosure Agreements Would Be Banned Under Bills; House Unveils NDA Policy (03-25-2021)

A Look At All 39 GOP Voter Bills; Decried By Dem As 'Lipstick On Jim Crow' (03-24-2021)

Senate Allows Hertel Appointment As DHHS Director To Go Through (03-23-2021)

Vitamin E Acetate Ban; Gas Can Bills Move Out Of Committees (03-23-2021)

Primaries Would Be Moved To June By Election Reform Package (03-23-2021)

GOP Lawmakers Stand Up For Jailed Holland Restaurateur (03-22-2021)

Carra Prepares For Congressional Run Against Upton (03-22-2021)

Whitmer Done Talking About Gordon (03-19-2021)

No More Hunting For State MOUs In Foreign Countries Under Johnson Bill (03-19-2021)

FOIA Timeframe Couldn't Be Expanded In Emergency Under Bill (03-18-2021)

Gordon Provides Letter Instead Of Testimony After Nixing Confidentiality Clause (03-18-2021)

House Supports Expanding Firefighter Cancer Fund (03-17-2021)

AG Charges Man With Terrorism for Death Threats Against Biden, Pelosi, Whitmer (03-16-2021)

Oversight Makes Issue Of UIA's Infrequent Talks With Governor (03-11-2021)

Bits And Tidbits (03-11-2021)

AV Application Fraud Would Become A Felony Under Two-Bill Package (03-09-2021)

Gov Nixes $650M In Supplemental Spending; House Fails To Resurrect It (03-09-2021)

'Nonsensical' Supplemental Bill Given To Governor (03-08-2021)

Bill Would Eliminate Discrimination In Old Deeds (03-05-2021)

State, Former UIA Head Can't Disparage Each Other In Separation Deal (03-03-2021)

Theis Empowered With Subpoena Power To Capture Education Data (03-03-2021)

House Judiciary Hears Testimony On Eliminating BAC Sunset (03-02-2021)

Gov Says She Can't Talk Gordon Payout: 'That's Simply What It Is' (03-02-2021)

Gov Says She Can't Talk Gordon Payout: 'That's Simply What It Is' (03-02-2021)

Some Lawmakers Won't Say If They'll Get COVID Shot (03-01-2021)

Gordon Paid $155K On Way Out Under Deal Reached With Gov's Office (03-01-2021)

DHHS Chief Turns Down Oversight Invite On Nursing Home Numbers; More News (02-25-2021)

Rare Attempt To Dislodge Bill From Committee (02-23-2021)

'Tampon Tax' Repeal Makes Return Visit; Other Bills Of Interest (02-19-2021)

'Tampon Tax' Repeal Makes Return Visit; Other Bills Of Interest (02-19-2021)

Eatery Owners Call For An End To Dine-In Restrictions (02-18-2021)

Nessel Wants Conversation With Whitmer Over OWI Expungement (02-16-2021)

Wouldn't It Be Nice If We Could . . . Wait Until Age 18 (02-12-2021)

Courts, Berman Agreeing On Online Document Concept (02-11-2021)

Lots Of Moose On The Loose On Isle Royale (02-09-2021)

Committee Looks At Peeling Jail Time Off Penalty For Not Labeling Deer Blind (02-09-2021)

Why A Man With Tractor Full Of Manure Wants To Cross Mighty Mac (02-08-2021)

Why A Man With Tractor Full Of Manure Wants To Cross Mighty Mac (02-08-2021)

Oakland County Lawmakers Offered Vaccine; Questions Raised By Panel (02-04-2021)

High School Sports Wins The Day In Legislature (01-28-2021)

'Knife Rights Act' Unsheathed & Other New Noteworthy Bills (01-28-2021)

Mueller Wants To Avoid 'Knee-Jerk Reactions' In Gov Ops (01-26-2021)

Bollin: Restoring Public Trust In Elections Is Goal One (01-22-2021)

Gordon Abruptly Resigns From DHHS, Elizabeth Hertel Named New Director (01-22-2021)

No House Freshman Chairs; First Time Since '09 (01-21-2021)

Hall: Johnson Will Keep Whitmer Administration 'Honest' As Oversight Head (01-21-2021)

Gov Signs Batch Of Criminal Justice Reforms Into Law (01-04-2021)

Maddock Most Conservative Of 2020; Rabhi Most Progressive (12-30-2020)

Governor Signs More Than 80 Bills At Session's End (12-29-2020)

Fraud Resolution Dies In House; Inman Back In GOP Caucus; More House News (12-21-2020)

Feds, State Pass Emergency COVID Relief Money (12-21-2020)

5 Bills The House Pushed To The Finish Line (12-18-2020)

George Floyd Reforms, Military Voters Bills Die As Senate Adjourns (12-18-2020)

Wentworth, 45 GOP Reps Back Weiser For MRP Chair (12-17-2020)

House Gives Final Blessing To 45-Day Data Breach Requirement; More House News (12-16-2020)

Subpoenas Ordered For Detroit, Livonia Clerks (12-15-2020)

Does Forfeiture Reform Pose Problems For Airports? (12-15-2020)

Report Alleges 'Intentional' Fraud In Antrim County; AG, SOS Say It's Not Credible Evidence (12-14-2020)

10 Packages Unlikely To Survive Lame Duck (12-14-2020)

Eisen Stripped Of Committee Assignment Over Comments (12-14-2020)

Lingering Nassar, Sexual Assault Bills Clear Senate Committee (12-08-2020)

Protestors Tell Benson: 'Your Neighbors Will Not Get No Sleep' Until Election Audit (12-07-2020)

Giuliani Attacks State GOP Lawmakers For 'Failing' Trump (12-04-2020)

Late Night Hosts Make Fun Of Giuliani's Farts; Mock Star 'Witness' (12-04-2020)

House Supports Letting Leaders Select Future House Seats (12-02-2020)

Giuliani Makes Final Case Of Voter Fraud To Legislative Committee (12-02-2020)

Panel Gives Nod To Cut Legal Notice Requirements In Local Newspapers (12-01-2020)

Senate Rs Huddle Over Zoom On COVID, Elections (11-24-2020)

Speaker-Elect Wentworth Names Committee On Committees, Policy Panel (11-17-2020)

Judge Declines To Stop Certification Of Detroit Election Results (11-13-2020)

Bits And Tidbits (11-10-2020)

DHHS Opposes Foster Care Task Force (11-10-2020)

Leadership Chosen For Detroit Legislative Caucus (11-09-2020)

Whitmer, Dems Congratulate President-Elect Biden: GOP Legislature Issues Subpoenas (11-07-2020)

Conservative Carra Already At Center Of Election Fight (11-06-2020)

Oversight Sets Saturday Hearing On Election Concerns (11-06-2020)

Republicans Feeling Positive After Knocking Off Elder In HD-96, Kennedy In HD-48 (11-04-2020)

Top 10 House Districts Most Likely To Flip (10-26-2020)