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Polehanki, Dayna (D)

State Senator District 7
Office: 5400 Binsfeld Building
Term: First
Phone: (517) 373-7350
Home Address: PO Box 51843, Livonia, MI 48151
Seat Number: 7
Standing Committees: Agriculture(VC), Education and Career Readiness(VC), Regulatory Reform
Subcommittees: K-12 and Michigan Department of Education
(C) = Chair, (VC) = Vice Chair

BB - Binsfeld Building,  BT - Boji Tower,  CB - Capitol Building,  HOB - House Office Building  


Sen. Polehanki was elected to the Senate in November 2018 when she defeated former Rep. Laura COX in the general election.  Polehanki secured 50.5 percent of the vote in the general election.  


Sen. Polehanki has taught high school English for the past 16 years. Her school named her 2018 Teacher of the Year. She has held a leadership position in her local teachers union advocating on behalf of students and teachers.  As a small business owner of a film and television casting company based in Livonia, Polehanki has put Michigan actors to work for 10 years.  

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Polehanki graduated Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor's degree in psychology from Central Michigan University, earned teacher certification and a second major in English from Alma College, obtained a master's degree in teaching from Marygrove College, and earned school administrator certification from the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals.  


Polehanki is married to Jim WALKUP, a supervisor at Ford Motor Company - Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, and has three step-children.


Dan Centers
Cell Phone: 734-645-0603

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