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Runestad, Jim (R)

State Senator District 15
Office: 7500 Binsfeld Building
Term: First
Phone: (517) 373-1758
Home Address: 2210 Teggerdine Road, White Lake, MI 48386
Seat Number: 22
Standing Committees: Finance(C), Education and Career Readiness, Families, Seniors and Veterans, Judiciary and Public Safety, Appropriations
Subcommittees: Justice and Public Safety(VC), Capital Outlay
(C) = Chair, (VC) = Vice Chair

BB - Binsfeld Building,  BT - Boji Tower,  CB - Capitol Building,  HOB - House Office Building  


Sen. Runestad was elected to the Michigan Senate in 2018 when he secured 51.7 percent of the vote against Democrat Julia PULVER

Runestad was first elected to the Michigan House of Representatives in 2014.  He served two terms before opting to run for the 15th Senate district. 

Prior to being elected to the House, Rep. Runestad served the Oakland County Commission for three terms. On the Commission he chaired the Public Services Committee and the Planning and Building Committee.  


Runestad has been operating his own insurance company, Runestad Financial Associates.  

To read MIRS biography of Sen. Runestad, click here.


Rep. Runestad graduated from Central Michigan University with a bachelor's of science in education and a concentration in History, Economics and Politics.


Sen. Runestad and his wife Kathy have raised five children: Joel, Justin, Lena, Lee and Kayla.  The Runestads are residents of White Lake.  


Joe Martin
Cell Phone: 734-347-0949

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