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Theis, Lana (R)

State Senator District 22
Office: 7400 Binsfeld Building
Term: First
Phone: (517) 373-2420
Home Address: PO Box 461, Brighton, MI 48116
Seat Number: 20
Standing Committees: Education and Career Readiness(C), Insurance and Banking(C), Oversight(VC), Regulatory Reform(VC), Health Policy and Human Services, Joint Committee on Administrative Rules
Subcommittees: K-12 and Michigan Department of Education
(C) = Chair, (VC) = Vice Chair

BB - Binsfeld Building,  BT - Boji Tower,  CB - Capitol Building,  HOB - House Office Building  


Sen. Theis was elected in the 22nd Senate district in 2018 when she secured 55.97 percent of the general election vote against Democrat Adam DREHER

Theis had defeated Republican Joseph Converse MARINARO in the GOP August Prmary with 74.8 percent of the vote. 

Sen. Theis served two terms representing the 42nd House District.


Prior to her election the House, Rep. Theis was the Brighton Township Treasurer.  She also served on the Brighton Area Fire Authority and the Livingston County Republican Party.  

To read MIRS biography of Sen. Theis, click here.


Sen. Theis attended California State University Fullerton where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in biology with a minor in chemistry.


Sen. Theis and her husband Sam have two children, Jacob and Gabrielle.


Meghan Reckling
Cell Phone: (517) 672-6823

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