††††††††††† Reps. Cambensy, Sowerby, Chirkun, Howell, Gay-Dagnogo, Clemente, Cherry, Garza, Haadsma, Hope, Jones, Kahle, Kuppa, Lasinski, Love, Manoogian, Pagan, Sabo, Shannon, Slagh, Sneller, Stone and Warren offered the following resolution:

††††††††††† House Resolution No. 138.

††††††††††† A resolution to declare June 22, 2019, as Michigan Mountain Biking Day in the state of Michigan.

††††††††††† Whereas, World-class biking experiences can be found in the over 1,300 miles of mountain biking trails scattered throughout the state of Michiganófrom the tip of the Keweenaw Peninsula to metro Detroit; and

††††††††††† Whereas, Michigan is home to a variety of trail challenges including expert-level tracks with edgy bedrock and roots to smooth flowing switchbacks. The diversity of Michiganís single-track brings together every type of biker from beginners to world champion racers. Michiganís diverse trails allow every cyclist to find a trail that best suits their interests and comfort level; and

††††††††††† Whereas, Michigan proudly is home to two International Mountain Bicycling Association Ride Centers, Copper Harbor and Marquette. Only 40 of these mountain bike towns exist in the world. The Copper Harbor and Marquette Ride Centers have been internationally recognized for their exemplary design and incredible rider experience. Additionally, the Copper Harbor trails have been rated among the best in the country by National Geographic and the Marquette trail system has been nationally recognized by USA Today; and

††††††††††† Whereas, Michigan is also home to an International Mountain Bicycling Association Epic trail, the High Country Pathway in the Pigeon River Country State Forest near Vanderbilt. Only 42 IMBA Epic trails exist in the United States. This 70-mile trail is known for its backcountry adventure and elk viewing experiences; and†

††††††††††† Whereas, The stateís mountain biking trails connect thousands of residents and visitors to the local economy. According to the Outdoor Industry Foundation, nearly 45 million Americans mountain bike each year. In Copper Harbor alone, their trails bring in more than 20,000 bikers annually. The mountain biking tourism industry provides a healthy boost to the Michigan communities who maintain our renowned trails; and†

††††††††††† Whereas, Michigan mountain biking trails provide healthy, fun activities for all ages and connect bikers to the natural wonders of Michiganís environment. Mountain biking trails in the state provide unique opportunities for riders to experience up-close all that our wilderness and lakes have to offer; now, therefore, be it

††††††††††† Resolved by the House of Representatives, That the members of this legislative body declare June 22, 2019, as Michigan Mountain Biking Day in the state of Michigan.