February 26, 2019, Introduced by Reps. Jones, Liberati, Peterson, Ellison, Warren, Lasinski, Sneller, Neeley, Rabhi, Chirkun, Hertel, Clemente, Wittenberg, Pagan, Love, Wentworth, Sowerby, Sheppard, Camilleri, Hoadley, Byrd, Garrett, Cambensy, Haadsma, Robinson, Tyrone Carter, Yancey, Gay-Dagnogo, Hood, Manoogian, Brixie, Pohutsky, Cynthia Johnson, Kennedy, Koleszar, Vaupel, Rendon, Whitsett, Sabo, Hammoud, Iden, Witwer, Tate, Stone, Anthony, Bolden, Guerra, Shannon, Brenda Carter, Greig, Berman, Inman, Calley, Brann, Marino, Allor, Crawford, Hope and Leutheuser and referred to the Committee on Transportation.

A bill to amend 2001 PA 142, entitled

"Michigan memorial highway act,"

by amending section 92 (MCL 250.1092), as added by 2006 PA 2, and by adding section 92a.

the people of the state of michigan enact:

Sec. 92. (1) Highway US-24 in Wayne county County, excluding the portion of highway US-24 between the intersection with M-153 and the intersection of Warren Avenue, shall be known as the "10th Mountain Division Memorial Highway".

(2) Highway M-3 in Macomb county County beginning at the intersection of M-3 and Harrington Boulevard and continuing north to its end shall be known as the "Ronald W. Reagan Memorial Highway".

Sec. 92a. The portion of highway US-24 in Wayne County beginning at the intersection with M-153 and extending north to the intersection with Warren Avenue shall be known as the "Julie Plawecki Memorial Highway".

Enacting section 1. This amendatory act takes effect 90 days after the date it is enacted into law.