April 17, 2019, Introduced by Reps. Haadsma, Sabo and Coleman and referred to the Committee on Insurance.


     A bill to amend 1969 PA 317, entitled


"Worker's disability compensation act of 1969,"


(MCL 418.101 to 418.941) by adding section 407.




     Sec. 407. (1) In the absence of non-work-related causation or


specific incidents that establish a cause independent of


employment, post-traumatic stress disorder is presumed to arise out


of and in the course of employment for any of the following


individuals who, at the time the post-traumatic stress disorder


manifests itself, are exposed to the hazards incidental to the


provision of police services, fire suppression, rescue, or


emergency medical services in the performance of the individual's


work-related duties:


     (a) A member of a fully paid fire or police department of a


city, township, or incorporated village employed and compensated on


a full-time basis.


     (b) A member of a fully paid public fire authority employed


and compensated on a full-time basis.


     (c) A county sheriff and the deputies of the county sheriff.


     (d) A member of the state police.


     (e) A member of a fully paid fire department of an airport


operated by a county, public airport authority, or state university


or college.


     (f) A conservation officer.


     (g) An officer of the motor carrier enforcement division of


the department of state police.


     (2) The presumption under subsection (1) may be rebutted by


scientific evidence that the individual experienced a psychiatric


stressor independent of work, and that this was a significant


factor in the cause, aggravation, or progression of the post-


traumatic stress disorder. Mere evidence that the post-traumatic


stress disorder was preexisting or an abstract medical opinion that


the employment was not the cause of the post-traumatic stress


disorder is not sufficient to overcome the presumption in


subsection (1).