SR24, As Adopted by Senate, March 14, 2019



Senator Irwin offered the following resolution:

Senate Resolution No. 24.

A resolution to recognize March 2019 as Michigan Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month.

Whereas, Hemophilia and related bleeding disorders are genetic conditions affecting thousands of people; and

Whereas, The standard of care for the treatment of these disorders is to replace absent

clotting proteins, also known as clotting factors characterized by the absence of one or more of

several clotting proteins necessary to control bleeding; and

Whereas, Without treatment, people with hemophilia and other related bleeding disorders

face frequent, painful episodes of bleeding into their joints and muscles; and

Whereas, Bleeding can also involve the internal organs and the brain that can be life threatening; and †

Whereas, Recurrent bleeding episodes result in frequent hospitalizations, permanent disability, and chronic pain; and

Whereas, Bleeding episodes often result in lost time at work and school, decreased quality of life, and the inability to perform basic living activities; and

Whereas, Specialized care provided by Michiganís nine federally recognized Hemophilia

Treatment Centers (HTCs) reduce morbidity and mortality among people with bleeding disorders; and

††††††††††† Whereas, HTCs offer patients wrap-around care that includes a variety of services, including medical, nursing, dental, social work, physical therapy, and nutrition; and

Whereas, In 1986, President Ronald Reagan designated March as Bleeding Disorders

Awareness Month; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate, That we recognize March 2019 as Michigan Bleeding Disorders

Awareness Month.