Basic Information

The Mirs search functionality now has the ability to search multiple areas of the site. Each section will display individual results based on the query and filter options used.

Each word in the query will be searched individually unless enclosed within "quotation marks". There are several ways to customize your results with the syntax described below.

Each area of the search has filter options specific to that search. The options can be used to:

Customize results with special syntax

Using a leading plus sign(+)

A leading plus sign(+) indicates that the word must be present in every row returned.

Using leading minus sign(-)

A leading minus sign(-) indicates that the word must not be present in any row returned.

Using leading minus asterisk(*)

An asterisk(*) is the truncation operator. It indicates that the word must present anywhere within the text

Finding a grouping of words using double quotes

Double quotes at the beginning and end of a phrase, matches only rows that contain the complete phrase, as it was typed.

Advanced Examples

Below are examples that combine multiple search techniques.