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SR 0075 (McCann, Sean 09/17/19)
A resolution to recognize September 22-29, 2019, as Michigan Trails Week.

SCR 0013 (Shirkey, Mike 09/17/19)
A concurrent resolution of tribute offered as a memorial for Bill S. Huffman, former member of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

SB 0530 (Bayer, Rosemary 09/17/19)
Revise air pollution permit fees.

SB 0529 (Lucido, Peter J. 09/17/19)
Allow policyholder deductible amounts choice.

SB 0528 (Lucido, Peter J. 09/17/19)
Revise motorcycle accident priority for receiving PIP benefits.

HR 0162 (Glenn, Annette 09/17/19)
A resolution to declare September 17-23, 2019, as Constitution Week in the state of Michigan.

HB 4988 (Lower, James 09/17/19)
Prohibit certain school policies regarding cooperation with federal officials in relation to the immigration status of certain individuals.

HB 4987 (Whitsett, Karen 09/17/19)
Prohibit the requirement of Tdap vaccination as a condition of employment.

HB 4986 (Allor, Sue 09/17/19)
Prohibit the requirement of an influenza vaccination as a condition of employment.

HB 4985 (Gay-Dagnogo, Sherry 09/17/19)
Allow for expuungmjent of multiple felonies arising out of the same criminal transaction under certain circumstances.

HB 4984 (LaGrand, David 09/17/19)
Expand the number of felony and misdemeanor offenses that can be set aside.

HB 4983 (Rabhi, Yousef 09/17/19)
Amend time period after certain events applicant must wait to petition to set aside a conviction.

HB 4982 (Meerman, Luke 09/17/19)
Provide for a set aside process for certain marihuana related offenses.

HB 4981 (Wendzel, Pauline 09/17/19)
Allow automatic expunction of certain traffic offenses committed by a person without a commercial driver license.

HB 4980 (Leutheuser, Eric 09/17/19)
Provide for expunction of certain convictions after 10 years under certain circumstances.

HB 4979 (Johnson, Steven 09/17/19)
Provide for the establishment of an international wholesale prescription drug importation program.

HB 4978 (Brann, Tommy 09/17/19)
Create the establishment of a wholesale prescription drug importation program to allow for importation of drugs from Canada.

HB 4977 (Camilleri, Darrin 09/17/19)
Expand reduced rate for low-income residential services to include broadband internet service.

HB 4976 (Eisen, Gary R. 09/17/19)
Specify that a person that owns or occupies real property and that entirely or partially designates the property a "gun-free" or "weapon-free" zone, is responsible for the safety of an individual who enters that "gun-free" or "weapon-free" zone.

HB 4975 (Eisen, Gary R. 09/17/19)
Specify that immunity provided by this act does not apply to liability of a governmental agency relating to a gun-free or weapon-free zone under section 40 of 1846 RS 66.