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HB 5703 (Lightner, Sarah 03/25/20)
Provides for appropriating money to observe a sesquicentennial or bicentennial celebration.

HB 5702 (Lightner, Sarah 03/25/20)
Modifies eligibility for basic driver improvement course.

SR 0110 (Lauwers, Dan 03/17/20)
A resolution to recognize April 2020 as Financial Literacy Month.

HB 5699 (Yancey, Tenisha 03/17/20)
Modify penalty for failure to provide proof of license or other receipt while operating a vehicle.

HB 5698 (Bolden, Kyra Harris 03/17/20)
Modify penalties for violations of moped registration fees.

HB 5697 (Howell, Gary 03/17/20)
Modify penalties for violations of certain hunting provisions.

HB 5696 (Peterson, Ronnie 03/17/20)
Modify motor carrier fuel tax act penalties.

HB 5695 (Mueller, Mike 03/17/20)
Modify penalties for certain fishing violations.

HB 5694 (Johnson, Steven 03/17/20)
Modify penalties for certain hunting and fishing licensing violations.

HB 5693 (LaFave, Beau 03/17/20)
Decriminalize improperly crossing road or street.

HB 5692 (Markkanen, Gregory 03/17/20)
Decriminalize safety standards for snowmobiles.

HB 5691 (Filler, Graham 03/17/20)
Modify penalties for unauthorized use of dealer plates.

HB 5690 (LaGrand, David 03/17/20)
Modify penalties for violations of temporary instruction permit.

HB 5689 (LaFave, Beau 03/17/20)
Decriminalize reckless operation of a snowmobile.

HB 5688 (LaGrand, David 03/17/20)
Modify penalties for invalid or improper registration plates

HB 5687 (LaFave, Beau 03/17/20)
Decriminalize failure to exhibit safety certificate.

HB 5686 (Glenn, Annette 03/17/20)
Provide for penalties for uses of certain farm-related vehicles that violate certain registration requirements.

HB 5685 (Sneller, Tim 03/17/20)
Modify penalties for failure to properly register, transfer title, or obtain plates on vehicles.

HB 5684 (Cherry, John D. 03/17/20)
Decriminalize noncompliance to provide a certificate of registration.

HB 5683 (Kuppa, Padma 03/17/20)
Modify certain disclosure requirements for public schools.