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HB 4816 (Iden, Brandt 07/18/19)
Provides for regional event center financing act.

HB 4815 (Iden, Brandt 07/18/19)
Eliminates cap or additional amount the liquor control commission may pay a vendor of spirits.

HB 4814 (Bolden, Kyra Harris 07/18/19)
Authorizes certification of income tax credit by Michigan state housing development authority.

HB 4813 (Bolden, Kyra Harris 07/18/19)
Establishes credit for the purchase of certain housing and for certain home modifications.

HB 4812 (Bolden, Kyra Harris 07/18/19)
Modifies personal protection benefits order of priority for claims by motorcyclists.

HB 4811 (Anthony, Sarah 07/17/19)
Prohibits discrimination based on traits historically associated with race such as hair texture.

HB 4810 (Robinson, Isaac 07/10/19)
Prohibit use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement officials, and provide remedies.

HB 4809 (Robinson, Isaac 07/02/19)
Prohibits treatment or storage of TENORM at hazardous waste facilities.

HB 4808 (Robinson, Isaac 07/02/19)
Prohibits issuance of permits for expansion of hazardous waste storage and treatment facilities.

HB 4807 (Kuppa, Padma 07/02/19)
Standardizes price displays for pricing for charging of electric vehicles. TIE BAR WITH HB 4806

HB 4806 (Schroeder, Andrea K. 07/02/19)
Provides for licensing of electric vehicle charging station operators.

HB 4805 (Miller, Aaron 06/26/19)
Creates office of state poet laureate.

HB 4804 (Miller, Aaron 06/26/19)
Clarifies depiction of state.

HB 4803 (Guerra, Vanessa 06/26/19)
Expands eligibility for service bonus for certain Vietnam veterans.

HB 4802 (Reilly, John 06/26/19)
Prohibits use of restraints on juveniles during court proceedings in certain circumstances.

HB 4801 (Reilly, John 06/26/19)
Include deceptive practices by interactive computer servicers in definition.

HB 4800 (Cherry, John D. 06/26/19)
Allocates portion of revenue from vehicle registration fees to city, village, or township where registrant resides.

HB 4799 (Kennedy, Sheryl 06/26/19)
Provides for model program of instruction on civil rights and the United States Bill of Rights.

HB 4798 (Rabhi, Yousef 06/26/19)
Provides for expression of legislative intent in support of in-state tuition rates for certain noncitizen students.

HB 4797 (Camilleri, Darrin 06/26/19)
Prohibits unequal treatment of pupils based on immigration status.