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Peter Meijer (R)

House District 3rd
Phone: (202) 225-3831
Address: 1508 Longworth House Office Building
Washington,, D.C. 20515


U.S. Rep. Peter MEIJER, 33, a Republican from Grand Rapids, is an Iraq War veteran and grandson of the late Grand Rapids grocery store chain founder. He's a business consultant who has specialized in urban redevelopment, having done work for the Ilitch family in southwest Michigan. A first-time political candidate, Meijer helped create a non-partisan veterans' political action committee (PAC) called With Honor.

After a tour in Iraq, Meijer worked for a non-government organization in Afghanistan helping the Red Cross, Save the Children and other non-profits navigate the conflict and deliver aid to people in need. He received an MBA from New York University. He's a personal friend of U.S. Senate candidate John JAMES.

Meijer prevailed in the August 2020 primary to replace independent Rep. Justin AMASH in a field of six candidates by earning 49.92% of the vote.  In the general election he defeated Hillary SCHOLTEN 52.9% to 47%.


B.A., Columbia, MBA New York University




Homeland Security

   - Subcommittee Assignments

  • Intelligence and Counterterrorism

Foreign Affairs and Science, Space & Technology


Grand Rapids

110 Michigan St NW, Ste 460

Grand Rapids, MI  49503

Phone: (616) 451-8383

Fax: (616) 454-5630


Maggie Woodin

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